10 Ways To Save on Groceries at Walmart

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Shopping for groceries can be a bit of a headache, especially if you have a tight budget, but nowadays, with prices rising thanks to inflation, it can be downright traumatic. Since April 2021, the cost of groceries has increased by 10.8%, and some categories such as eggs and meat have experienced even more pronounced increases. Of course it is not fair, but unfortunately it is the consumer who has to give back to reduce costs and save money.

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A proven and true way to reduce the cost of grocery shopping is to buy from reputable retailers like Walmart, which promotes the slogan “Save Money. Live Better.” You can certainly find pretty decent deals on certain foods, but you can also save a little more money (and apparently live a little better) by having cunning and intelligence.

Retail and budgeting experts have shared their best tips for saving on shopping at Walmart.

Stay tuned to the store brands

“Walmart’s Great Value brand offers a wide selection of groceries at a much better value than comparable branded products,” said budget expert Andrea Woroch. “For example, this high-value granulated sugar costs just $ 5.27, while the branding option for the same size bag would cost you $ 7.52.

Get a coupon online

“Order groceries online at Walmart.com, but first check out a coupon code through sites like CouponFollow.com, which currently offers a 20% discount on grocery orders of $ 50 or more,” Woroch said.

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Look for cash back

“Order groceries online through a cash back portal like CouponCabin.com and you can earn up to 2% on your purchases on the Walmart website,” Woroch said. “Paying with a refund credit card and using a refund portal will increase your rewards to help you pay for your groceries and offset rising prices.”

Get a Walmart shared credit card

“The Walmart Capital One Rewards Card offers a 5% refund on orders placed online at Walmart.com and 2% on in-store purchases with no annual fee,” Woroch said. “This is an easy way to accumulate extra money for those grocery purchases.”

Use a discount app

“Fetch Rewards offers cash back for scanning images of your receipts,” Woroch said. “You’ll earn points for every receipt you charge and more depending on the brands of groceries you buy, which can be exchanged for free gift cards back to Walmart to offset future grocery purchases.”

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You can take this step further by exploring the specials section to see what types of Walmart-specific food purchases and grocery deals will get you more points.

Use the Walmart app while shopping at the store

“One little trick I use to always get the best deals at Walmart is to shop with the official Walmart app open on my phone,” said Alec Pow, CEO of The Pricer. “I always compare the shelf prices with those of the online application for the same product. You may think that there is not a big disparity between these two prices, but this is not always the case. There are many products that will receive a big discount on the application in upgrade for in-store products.

Opt for pickup on the sidewalk

“This is convenient, of course, as long as you agree to let someone else pick up your groceries, but it’s also good for reducing spending, especially if you tend to shop on impulse,” said Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst. at DealNews.com. “By not physically entering the store, you’re eliminating that temptation, and before you know it, you’ll see savings on every grocery bill. Since sidewalk pickup is free, this is an easy way to reduce your bill.”

Shop in the “Rollbacks & More” grocery category.

“You’ll find low prices on a variety of essential products and you can even reduce it by buying items below $ 10 or less than $ 25,” Ramhold said. “While this section may focus more on Walmart’s own brands, it’s not unique to its brands; you’ll also see a lot of sales on branded items.”

Use Cashback applications

“If you’re not using Ibotta or Checkout 51 to receive a cash refund on your shopping trips, you may be missing out on something,” Ramhold said. “You can even use both, so consider downloading them to make money from both. Either way, you’ll save the offers you’re interested in, buy normally, and then upload your receipt to receive a refund for eligible purchases. It’s an easy way. to save and a simple move to incorporate into your shopping routine ”.

Sign up for a free shipping test

“Walmart + offers a free 30-day free trial on same-day grocery delivery orders,” Woroch said. “Just set a reminder on your calendar to cancel before the end of the test so you don’t automatically sign up for $ 12.95 a month.”

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