15 simple ways to earn extra money every month

The rising cost of living is severely affecting our finances. The Center for Economic and Business Research says 72% of Britons think it will be worse with an average of £ 252 a month (£ 3,020 a year) by 2022.

However, there are ways to bring in much-needed pounds that you may not be aware of yet. The Money Saving Website Team, Quotegoat.com they’ve put together their top 15 tips for getting much-needed extra income this year. They may not be possible for everyone, depending on your circumstances, but they can inspire you when it comes to your own budget.

Editor-in-Chief of the Savings Website Quotegoat.com Michael Foote said: “Everyone in the UK will probably notice that they are financially worse off right now. It’s crucial that you take action if you’re in debt or you can’t pay your bills. these projects will not solve all your financial worries, they can help in some way. ”

“You will not have to pay taxes for the first £ 1,000 you earn on such activities or selling your unwanted property. If you are lucky enough to earn over £ 1,000 with secondary income like this in a year, you must report it to the HMRC “.

Make money with the assets you already own

There are a number of apps and websites that will help you rent your free room, parking space, car and even wedding dress and home shooting equipment. Check Airbnb , JustPark , Hiyacar , Byrotation e Shoot Factory .

Get extra income with a flexible second job

This is not an option for everyone and will not work for those who already work long hours or work with different shift patterns. But many services seek to employ people in flexible conditions without long-term commitments, which for some may make it easier to adapt to their main job. You might consider driving Uber or delivery to Just Eat or Deliveroo .

Be a case study

Follow #journorequest on Twitter to find journalists who want to talk to people about topics ranging from relationships to finance. In some cases there will be a payment for your story and photos.

Welcome to a foreign exchange student

Contact local schools to find out if they have foreign exchange programs and what you need to do to become a host. You can earn up to £ 80 per week per student.

Join a mysterious buyer agency

Retailers and restaurants check their outlets to make sure their customer service is satisfactory. Mysterious shopping agencies like Grass roots e Retail Maxim will pay you to visit stores or eat in restaurants to check the quality of your experience.

Freelance in your free time

Again, you may not have much time left in your current job. But whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, writer, or other creative professional, they like websites Fiverr e Upwork will connect you with companies looking for freelancers.

Find out what benefits you are entitled to

Visit Turn2us . The website includes a benefit calculator along with a grant search.

Earn extra money or a free family home caring for pets

During the blockade, families who took pets into their homes were shot. Those families are now on vacation and need people to help care for their beloved pets. Check Trusted Housesitters .

Pay to play video games and surf the web

Before launching new video games and websites, companies should try them out. Some websites like Test work they are known to pay up to £ 50 to try them out.

Beware of money

Childcare may be your first job, and you may think of it as something the teenager on the side does, but in reality, childcare on an ad hoc basis is a much-sought-after service. Depending on where you live, rates for adults range from £ 8 to £ 10 per hour.

Sell ​​your unwanted goods

You may be surprised at how much your old cell phone, empty iPhone boxes, unused remote controls, instruction manuals, wedding dress, and Lego can get on eBay, Gumtree, and Facebook. Selling my cell phone , We buy books e Magpie music they are also great sites to check out.

Sale of car luggage

Carboot sales have been steadily declining as we have all gone on to buy and sell items online, but have recently returned. Use Car trunk union to find them in your area.

Save money on food with the Too Good To Go app

Every day fresh food is not consumed in cafes, hotels, shops and restaurants simply because it has not been sold. The application it allows you to buy and collect food at low prices, so that it is not wasted.

Make money by participating in surveys

Many survey sites will pay you money or give away gift cards for your feedback. Mira Swagbucks, A survey , Curious cat e Life points among many others.

Earn cashback while spending

Spending money is inevitable, so you can also earn a refund every time you are forced to spend. Check Quidco e TopcashBack to make money every time you spend online or in-store.

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