2022’s Best Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval: Top Mortgage Lenders Loans For Bad Credit

Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the process required to get a loan with bad credit. The banks do soft and hard pulls on the credit score, doing more damage than good. Plus, the whole procedure takes so much time that we often end up borrowing money from our family or friends while waiting for the bank to make a decision.

And the problem doesn’t end here. Even after confirming that we qualify for a loan regardless of the credit score, it takes forever for the bank to approve.

If you’re facing this problem, we may have the right solution for you. Check the lending platforms we’ve reviewed in this article because they’re the best places to get bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Best Companies For Bad Credit Loans

  • CashUSA: Overall Best Platform For Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval
  • MoneyMutual: Top Loan Provider For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit
  • RadCred: Reputed Loans Company For Instant Cash Advance
  • BadCreditLoans: Best Payday Lenders For Quick Loans & Installment Loans

#1. CashUSA: Overall Best Platform For Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval


Here we have one of the most trusted places for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals in America. CashUSA is the platform you should visit if you need a quick personal loan to cover an emergency expense.

This company has started working with a mission to provide a safe space where borrowers and lenders can connect and make a deal. This matchmaker collaborates with reliable lenders who will consider multiple factors besides your credit score when creating a loan offer. Thus, you’ll be able to obtain money even if your credit score doesn’t shine bright like a diamond.

The company has many superb features, so many Americans choose it to request a personal loan. It builds up its reputation based on trust and fast service. Moreover, it has an excellent support team, which is very important for people dealing with debts and emergency expenses.


Lenders network

This company has a comprehensive network of lenders ready to send loan offers. In its network, you can find state and Tribal lenders that may offer you even bigger loans. Moreover, besides its network, the company is connected with other third-party lender networks that are very useful if the platform can’t find a suitable offer within its boundaries.

You should also know that CashUSA may also show you additional offers and services. Therefore, you may receive debt relief, credit monitoring, credit report, and other credit-related services. These services may help you with your finances and may eventually help you improve your credit score.


CashUSA is, of course, a well-protected and secure website. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been in our article. The company utilizes the latest and most advanced encryption technology to protect the clients’ financial and personal information. The security measures meet every industry standard when it comes to privacy protection.

The company regularly runs tests to check the security of the website. Moreover, third-party security systems actively monitor the website to confirm its security. Thus, it has earned several certificates.


As we said before, CashUSA connects borrowers with lenders who offer personal loans. The platform’s loan form is very simple, and anyone can fill it in about ten minutes.

You’ll have to write down your name, email, age, and the loan amount you need. After that, the platform will ask for more detailed information, including the phone number, SSN, bank account, and monthly income. If you need assistance, the platform will help you complete the request.

Even though CashUSA is not a direct lender and can’t guarantee loan conditions, the website contains some information about the offer you may receive. For instance, the company collaborates with lenders that may offer you a personal loan of up to $10.000 with an APR from 5.99% to 35.99%. The loans usually have loan terms from 90 days to 72 months.

However, please remember that CashUSA and the other companies on our list don’t claim that you’ll certainly get a loan and that your loan offer will have the same conditions described above. The loan terms depend solely on the lender, and it’s up to you to accept or decline the offer.


Once you open the website, you’ll notice that the company is very transparent. There aren’t any shiny ads and logos to attract clients. On the contrary, everything is straightforwardly designed, offering a user-friendly page where clients can do their business uninterrupted.

Furthermore, the company is very clear about the conditions and its privacy policy. It also openly speaks about the way that it’s earning money, unlike many other platforms. Therefore, it’s only logical that CashUSA is one of the most trusted lending marketplaces in the industry.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Experienced company
  • Comprehensive lender network
  • Excellent security
  • Transparent
  • Easy-to-fill loan form


  • The interest rates may be high – review the loan offer carefully.

#2. MoneyMutual: Top Loan Provider For Emergency Loans For Bad Credit



MoneyMutual celebrates its twelfth birthday this year. For twelve years, this company has offered convenient, transparent, and high-quality loan services to the American people, especially those who have trouble getting loan approval because of their credit scores.

We have selected this company to be a part of our list of the best lending platforms for many reasons. Starting from fast loan applications to friendly customer service to credible lenders – MoneyMutual is the best place to get a loan with bad credit.


Lenders network

One of the most significant factors that make MoneyMutual competitive on the market and very suitable for the customers is the company’s network of lenders. On the platform, you can find lenders who are always available to review your application.

Most importantly, these aren’t some unchecked lenders with a questionable reputation. On the contrary, the platform collaborates with a comprehensive number of reliable third parties willing to negotiate with you and offer you reasonable deals.

The lenders’ network is one of the strongest sides of the platform. However, you’ll be surprised that it’s not the only one.


In order to apply for a loan, obviously, you have to give personal information. However, with MoneyMutual, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your info is secured and protected.

The platform uses multiple security measures that guarantee your privacy. Of course, the employees have to share your data and your application within their network of lenders so lenders can review the loan form and make an offer.

However, unlike many other online marketplaces, this company takes care of its clients. It provides such security that your privacy gets top-notch protection. Many consider MoneyMutual an online vault that takes security very seriously. Even TrustedSite has given several certificates, proving the company’s ability to protect its clients.


Another excellent feature is the loan form. To be fair, the platform hardly has any weakness, but we do like it when lending marketplaces offer hassle-free forms.

The application process is very easy. If you let us compare again, MoneyMutual, unlike many other companies, won’t bother you with excessively long and boring applications. The employees want to complete their initial mission, that is, to offer you something different from spending hours on a loan form.

That said, you’ll spend about ten minutes completing the application. The form contains standard questions, such as why you need the money or what’s your email address, etc.

If you qualify, the platform immediately starts to look for a lender suitable for your request. According to the reviews, the platform works fast. Many of the people who have left reviews say that they’ve received offers within minutes. Moreover, many of them received the money as soon as the next business day.

Please remember that this company isn’t a direct lender. Therefore, once you receive the offer, MoneyMutual will not be a part of your communication with the lender. Also, the platform can’t provide you with information about the offer, loan fees, loan terms, etc.


As we said above, this company won’t offer you a loan. It acts as a matchmaker between you and a third party that is willing to give you a loan. Therefore, MoneyMutual can’t and doesn’t know the lenders’ criteria regarding loan fees and the charges you’ll have to repay.

The only thing that the platform can promise you is that you’ll receive a reasonable offer. That’s because it collaborates with reliable lenders. Usually, lenders found on this platform give loans from as low as $100 up to $5.000. Of course, everything will depend solely on the deal you’ll make with the lender.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual


  • 12 years of experience
  • Secure platform
  • Very easy applying
  • Fast approvals
  • Credible lenders
  • Trustworthy platform


  • It’s not available for Connecticut and New York applicants

#3.RadCred: Reputed Loan Company For Instant Cash Advance



RadCred is a lending platform with an extended experience of 24 years. The company was founded in 1998, and ever since, it has aimed to provide a convenient and safe online space where borrowers can effortlessly obtain RadCred with bad credit.

The company is known for its fast service but also for its vast lender network. Clients all over the country use this marketplace when they have some emergency expenses to handle, and they don’t have much time to wait in the banks.

Over the years, RadCred has gained a lot of popularity and a high reputation because its mission is never to let down its clients. Today, the company is one of the most trusted and visited lending platforms counting around half a million monthly visits on its website.


Lenders network

PerosnalLoans.com has one of the most extended lender networks in this industry. We assume that’s the case because of its 24-year-long experience through which the company has found the right method to gather credible and reliable lenders.

The marketplace collaborates with state and tribal lenders from all over the country. Therefore, it can provide services adequate to your state laws regardless of your location. However, please keep in mind that Tribal lenders are subject to federal laws and may have different conditions than state-licensed lenders.

This lending platform can connect you to multiple lenders and investors. You may receive several offers at once, and the platform will let you compare them in order to pick the most suitable one.


RadCred is a highly secured online space. The company protects its clients by utilizing high-tech security measures, such as bank-grade encryption and following industry-standard security protocols.

Furthermore, it has earned multiple certificates that confirm the level of security you’ll get. It has a valid SSL certificate, and no issues were detected and reported in PhishTank and Google Safe Browsing. According to the TrustedSite report, the company doesn’t have any issues when it comes to malware, phishing, malicious links, and other problems.


We have already mentioned that this company connects lenders with borrowers in need of RadCred with instant approvals. Generally, the lenders in the network offer peer-to-peer, personal installment, and personal bank loans. However, you may obtain a different loan type depending on the lender.

The platform doesn’t participate in the offer you’ll receive nor gives one itself because it isn’t a direct lender. Also, it can’t provide you with details about the loan conditions you can receive because those depend solely on the lender.

However, the platform can inform its clients that the lenders offer RadCred from $1.000 to $35.000 in general. Again, this may vary.

Besides connecting you with potential lenders, RadCred may send you additional offers from third-party lending networks. Also, it may offer you third parties for credit-related services, including but not limited to debt relief, credit monitoring, and credit repair.

Most importantly, to enjoy all of the benefits, you only have to complete a simple loan form found on the company’s website. The application is very straightforward, and you won’t need more than ten minutes to complete it.


PerosnalLoans.com is an excellent lending platform even when it comes to transparency. You won’t be lured into requesting a loan, and nobody will lie to you, saying you’ll get a loan with the perfect conditions.

On the contrary, the company shares some information based on its experience so far. According to the website, you may get a RadCred from $1.000 to $35.000 with an APR from 5.99% to 35.99% and a loan term from 90 days to 72 months.

However, the platform only points out the offers that lenders usually give. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the same conditions or even an offer in the first place.

The company’s transparency is why this platform is among the most trustworthy ones on the market. Of course, the other factors are the straightforward loan form, efficient customer representatives, and fast service.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • 24 years of experience
  • Convenient platform
  • Secure and protected
  • Loans from $1.000 to $35.000


  • Some lenders may do several credit pulls

#4. BadCreditLoans: Best Payday Lenders For Quick Loans & Installment Loans



If you need instant and guaranteed loan approval, another place you should visit is BadCreditLoans. This company offers a broad spectrum of credit and loan services, including debt relief, credit repair, etc. However, it is best known for its extensive network of lenders ready to answer your request for a loan.

The platform is one of the most visited lending marketplaces in the US. It offers a smooth user interface, fast service, hassle-free loan form, and it’s connected with numerous credible lenders.

The company offers its services free of charge, and it works 24/7 so that you can apply at any time. Moreover, you can use the company’s website as an educational platform because it offers numerous valuable tips and articles that can help you improve your credit score and inform you on how to protect yourself against scam lenders.


Lenders network

You can’t find information about how many lenders are in the BAdCreditLoans network. However, the company claims to have an extended network and the ability to find one or more suitable lenders for you. Moreover, according to the customer reviews we have found, most clients received offers the same day they applied, within 30 minutes to around 3-4 hours after sending the request.

The company collaborates with state and Tribal lenders. From the start, it warns its clients that Tribal lenders may offer larger sums, but they’re subject to tribal and federal laws and may have higher loan rates and fees.

BadCreditLoans is not a direct lender, and thus the company can’t reveal information about the lenders. Again, we did thorough research and used customer reviews to find more about them. We’re happy to inform you that BadCreditLoans collaborates with credible and reliable lenders.


Even though every activity that includes money transactions needs to be protected, requesting a loan isn’t the same as buying kitchen utensils. Lending platforms need to be protected more, given that you’ll have to give very private information to complete the loan form.

You’re obviously using these marketplaces to get a loan. So, the last thing you need is someone stealing your information, such as your bank account, and causing greater damage than it is. Moreover, privacy also matters when it comes to avoiding spammers that will hunt you for the rest of your life.

To protect you from these situations, potential abuse of your information, and unauthorized access to your communication channels, BadCreditLoans utilizes advanced encrypted technology as well as other security measures that meet industry standards.


BadCreditLoans collaborates with lenders that can offer you personal loans, credit cards, business loans, student loans, auto loans, home loans, and mortgage loans. Of course, the platform can’t guarantee anything regarding approvals, but according to the reviews, clients were approved most of the time and in a timely manner.

One of the reasons we chose this marketplace is its hassle-free loan form. If you want to apply, you should follow three easy steps, of which you’ll be involved in the first one. In this step, you’ll answer some questions about yourself and the loan you want to take, and it will take about 10 minutes to complete the form.

After that, all you have to do is wait for an offer. The platform will review your request, check if you’re eligible, and, if you are, look for a suitable lender. As we mentioned earlier, customer reviews say that many people received an offer within 10 minutes after sending the request.


BadCreditLoans is a very transparent lending platform. The company gives you all the information you’ll need to apply for a loan. It also provides guidance through the process, as well as useful articles that can help you with your credit score.

When it comes to the loans, the platform can’t make any guarantees about the amount you’ll take or the loan charges because it is not a direct lender. However, according to the website, you’ll most likely be able to obtain a loan from $500 to $10.000 with a loan term from 90 days to 72 months.

The company also says that it collaborates with lenders that give loans with an APR from 5.99% to 35.99%. However, it also reminds its clients that each lender has different conditions that may vary.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans


  • Fast and efficient
  • Credible lenders
  • Advanced encryption and other security measures
  • Transparent platform
  • Hassle-free loan form


  • Applicants with very poor credit scores may not get much money.

#5. CreditLoan


We’ll finish our review section with another trusted and experienced lending platform. CreditLoan is one of the most resourceful lending marketplaces in the industry that connects borrowers with lenders regardless of their credit history,

One of the reasons this company is top-rated is its fast service that allows clients to obtain loans with same-day approvals. Besides its speedy service, the platform is very popular as an educational center, offering numerous articles and tips that may help users improve their finances and credit scores.

Additionally, the company provides numerous tools that customers can use for free. Those tools, along with the educational center, have succeeded in helping over 33 million visitors sort out their financial issues so far.


Lender network

CreditLoan can assist you 24/7 and send your loan request to multiple lenders at any time. That’s because it has a wide network of lenders and lending partners. Moreover, it is connected to other third-party lender networks. That’s not unexpected given the fact that the company has more than 20 years in the business.

That said, you may receive a variety of offers within a few minutes after submitting your request. Also, the company may send you additional offers from third-party sides that provide financial and credit-related services. These services may help you improve your credit score or monitor it more effectively in order to prevent additional damage.


CreditLoan is a certified and trusted platform when it comes to protecting clients’ personal and financial information. The company encrypts everything you’ll type on the page, including your information while signing up for the newsletter.

The marketplace follows and meets generally-accepted industry standards for safety and privacy. Therefore, you can peacefully enter your information and use the website for obtaining a loan or using the educational center.


On this platform, you can request multiple types of loans. The company collaborates with a wide lender network, and thus, it can give you the opportunity to apply for an auto loan, personal loan, student loan, and bad credit loan.

In order to apply, you’ll have to go through the same procedure as with the lending platforms we reviewed previously. The company offers a very easy-to-fill loan form where you’ll be asked to enter personal and financial information.

After submitting your loan request, the company will process it to see if you comply with the general loan criteria. After that, CreditLoan will send your request to the lenders in its network, as well as to other third-party lender networks.

Even though the company doesn’t make claims, customer reviews say that most people receive an offer very quickly after applying. Moreover, many of them received the money the next business day. Still, you should keep in mind that your case may be different, and you may wait longer.


CreditLoan is a transparent company and speaks openly about the services it provides. On the website, you can find a well-explained privacy policy. Also, you can take a look at the platform’s certificates and working methods.

Although CreditLoan is not a direct lender, the website says you may obtain loans from $250 up to $40.000. This is a larger amount compared to the loans you can obtain through the marketplaces we reviewed above. However, if you’re interested in requesting a bad credit loan, you should know that you’ll be able to get no more than $5.000. And that’s a huge difference between the loan sizes with different credit scores.

It’s important to say that CreditLoan has higher eligibility criteria than the other platforms listed in our article, especially for those with bad credit. Therefore, we recommend you check the requirements and your abilities before starting the process.


  • Experienced company
  • Excellent educational center
  • Protected platform
  • Fast service


  • High eligibility criteria

How we made the list Of Bad Credit Loan Lenders?

We really had fun doing the research that purified our list of the best lending platforms where you can find bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. However, we can’t hide the fact that it was challenging because there are hundreds of marketplaces of this type these days.

We don’t want to say goodbye yet, so we included additional sections in our article. In these sections, you’ll be able to see our journey and research and the criteria we used to find the best platforms. Later, we’ll talk about some tips that can help you find the most suitable marketplace for you.

So, here are the standards we demanded and the criteria the platforms met to be a part of our article.

If you have carefully read our reviews, you probably noticed that all platforms have many years of experience. After reading tons of papers and industry standards, we concluded that the marketplace we’re going to mark as the best should have the knowledge required for the job. And nothing enhances the knowledge better than years spent in the business.

Even the youngest company in our article has operated for more than ten years. The platforms have an already-established reputation and wide bases with clients who trust them.

Each platform we have reviewed has a network with many lenders. We paid close attention to this criterion because we wanted to find platforms that could offer lenders for every customer.

Usually, more lenders mean faster service. Not only do these platforms work 24/7, but you may receive an offer within a few minutes, thanks to the number of lenders they collaborate with.

Maybe we should have placed this standard in the first place instead of the experience. But just because we have listed this norm in the third place doesn’t mean it matters less.

In fact, it may be even more essential since we found many experienced companies that didn’t offer the best protection for their clients. However, the companies here have certified websites and the latest and most advanced security measures.

These companies can protect your private and financial information. Moreover, they use encryption for every letter you’ll write on their pages. They also have clear and transparent privacy policies so that you know where your data will be sent.

Unlike many other companies, these five have the most easy-to-do loan forms. We’re not saying that you won’t be able to find other loan marketplaces that offer digital loan applications. However, the companies we have reviewed offer hassle-free forms.

Of course, you’ll have to enter your personal and financial information. But, the forms are very easy to understand and don’t contain any confusing questions. Moreover, the companies have highly efficient customer representatives who will help you with any issues with the loan forms.

One of the reasons why the forms are very straightforward is the required information, that is, the eligibility criteria requested by the companies, which leads us to the next section.

These companies have standard application criteria. That means that you should be an American citizen and at least 18 years old to apply for a loan.

Also, you’ll have to provide contact information, such as an email address and phone number. When it comes to the financial criteria, you’ll have to send proof of employment, self-employment, or evidence that you’re using social security benefits.

Unlike many other platforms, these five require only the basic criteria in order to consider your request. However, please keep in mind that these are criteria required by the platforms. Once you’re connected with a lender, they may request more information or have additional conditions.

How To find the best lending platform for bad credit loans

We understand that finding a proper lending platform, it’s tricky because we went through that road while trying to create this article. Choosing a platform can be so challenging that there’s a chance you end up frustrated and go to a bank.

And we already know what is going to happen there. You’ll carry a bunk of papers with the same request; you’ll wait in a line for hours, days, and weeks until somebody calls you to enter a reviewing office. Then, you’ll have an interview (or maybe more than one) where you’ll have to explain why you need the money all over again.

Finally, you’ll end up in the same place you have tried to avoid, probably even more frustrated than ever. What’s worse, you may not even qualify for a loan.

There’s a reason why online lending platforms exist and why people are using them more than ever. You can avoid each part of the scenario we described above. And we have prepared this section with valuable information that can help you find the best platform for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Before entering your name to register on an online platform, you should check its reputation. Companies build their reputation through many ways and services. Therefore, you should check the ratings for the most important feature for you.

For instance, if you want to have constant assistance during applying or using the platform, check its customer service reputation. Or, if you want to have access to an educational center, see if the platform has high ratings for its educational articles.

Here’s a tip: When checking the rating of the company, keep in mind that those numbers are a result of the overall service. Therefore, if you value only one feature, you shouldn’t base your opinion on the overall rating. Maybe the company has a low rating, but it does an excellent job in the area you’re interested in the most.

  • Don’t choose direct lenders

Some people will say that this factor doesn’t matter, and we couldn’t disagree more. We believe that you’ll get the best offer if you’re using a lending platform that’s not a direct lender.

If you choose a direct lender that also can connect you to other lenders, you’ll probably not receive an offer from a third-party lender. The platform will most likely send you its own offer in order to earn money.

The marketplaces that don’t offer loans make money from the lenders in their network. Therefore, they tend to expand the network to include more lenders for their own profit. That way, clients benefit because the lenders compete with each other. More lenders will mean more competitive offers and, thus, more affordable loan fees.

In order to get the big picture about some platforms, we suggest you read as many customer reviews as you can. You should use third-party reviewing platforms where the chances of finding honest reviews are the biggest.

We recommend you look for more detailed reviews, the ones that include information about the loan form, customer service, and the credibility of the lenders. However, please keep in mind that some reviews may come from paid people. Also, always remember that people are sensitive about money, and they may not be objective about the platform’s efficiency and service.

FAQs About Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. Can I get loan approval with bad credit?

Yes, you can! Many lenders that want to give you a loan look for factors other than your credit history or credit score to determine whether to lend you money. They check whether you’re employed or how much money you get every month.

If you want to get a loan but have bad credit, you should try requesting a loan on a lending platform. This way, you may receive multiple offers, and you won’t waste time going to a bank in person.

Q2. Do these platforms give bad credit loans with instant approvals?

No! The platforms we have reviewed in this article are not lenders, loan providers, or banks. They only act as a safe and fast bridge between you and a potential lender who is willing to give you a loan with bad credit if you, of course, meet their criteria.

Q3. What are the loan criteria?

We can only speak for the criteria set by the platforms we have reviewed. You need to be a US citizen or permanent resident to request a loan on these platforms. Also, you have to be at least 18 years old.

On the loan form, you’ll have to enter a valid email address, bank account, and phone number. You’ll have to submit proof that you’re employed, self-employed, or using social security benefits, and you have a regular monthly income.

Please remember that these criteria may vary from platform to platform. Also, the lenders may have additional questions and conditions to give you a loan.

Conclusion: Top Loan Companies For Online Loans For Bad Credit

So, this is it! We’re very happy that we have found and reviewed the best lending platforms for bad credit loans with guaranteed approvals.

Now that you have read our article, you’ll know where to request money the next time an emergency happens. MoneyMutual, BadCreditLoans, and other platforms can help you find a lender with a suitable loan offer even if you have a bad credit score.

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