5 best GTA Online solo missions for money in 2022

Money is important in GTA Online, and it’s pretty hard to have fun or do something if players aren’t making money.

Players who want to buy the best weapons, vehicles and equipment in GTA Online must first learn how to make money fast and what are the best activities for big payouts.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to earn money to successfully start a criminal operation. There are several ways to get money fast in GTA Online, ranging from car theft to theft with big bets, but the focus here is on solo missions that pay very well.

These are some of the best paying missions in GTA Online that players should try if they don’t have the money.

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Best solo missions in GTA online to make money

5) Trash conversation

The ultimate contact goal in GTA Online is called Trash Talk. In this mission, players must destroy four garbage trucks from a competing crew across the city.

Once all the garbage trucks have been destroyed, the team must proceed with the operation of the enemy crew in the abandoned warehouses of El Burro Heights, where they will find more trucks to destroy and kill the crew leader of the rival gang. The mission ends once he is killed.

This mission can be done alone and pays $ 14,860 upon completion.

4) Crystal Clear Out III

Trevor Philips offers players a mission that begins by entering the blue crown (indicated by a star icon on the player’s radar) on the Nowhere Road dead end in the free mode of GTA Online. The mission is open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

This is one of six cooperative “contact” missions that do not directly give contacts in GTA Online. It can be accessed immediately after reaching the required range.

Players have to destroy the vague methamphetamine labs around Sandy Shores. To achieve this, the player must eliminate the 30 members of Vagos present in these places. The mission will be completed once they are all killed

The reward is $ 20,000 if players make it on their first attempt.

3) A Superyacht Life – Rescue

Salvage is a Superyacht Life mission on GTA Online that was released on August 11, 2020 as part of the Los Santos special summer update. Brendan Darcy, the captain of the player’s Galaxy Super Yacht, is tasked with the mission and up to four players can be completed alone.

Brendan Darcy will inform the player that he has received a distress signal from a supply ship that is sinking not far from the location of the yacht and that the sunken cargo may be picked up. Players must head south of the yacht to a dredging barge and descend underwater to a submerged shipwreck of an Olifantus.

Although players have a lot to do in this mission, the tasks are fun and the possible payout is $ 16,250.

2) Diamonds are for Trevor

In this GTA online mission, Trevor will tell the player that a shipment of diamonds will pass through Paleto Bay and that the stones are valuable to Trevor Philips Enterprises. In Paleto Bay, the diamonds are hidden behind a few trees.

Merryweather Security will be there to protect you and they will be armed with advanced rifles. Therefore, the squad player will have to get rid of the heavily armed personnel to retrieve the diamonds.

This mission easily pays $ 15540.

1) Rumble from the roof

Rooftop Rumble is a mission that Martin Madrazo offers the player in Grand Theft Auto Online. It can accommodate up to four players, but players can also do it alone.

Players must go to the entrance of Adam’s Apple Boulevard on the south side of the parking lot, where there is an activation point. Several Fugitives, as well as two FIB Granger, a Gauntlet and an Emperor, are stationed.

Three of the building’s four car entry options are obstructed by parked cars. The target documents are being handed over by eight professionals and five FIB agents armed with assault rifles.

During the mission, one of the Professionals can be heard claiming company secrets, implying that the FIB is invading your privacy by asking questions about your company.

The mission has been modified several times to correct bugs / exploits and increase difficulty. But if players do it right, they can get rewards of up to $ 16,000.

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