8 proven ways Software Developers in Africa can make money as remote workers

According to Tech Monitor, rewards programs offer software developers lucrative opportunities to earn decent secondary income online. Expert African software developers in crowdsource penetration testing and cyber security breaches can benefit from these programs.

Companies use the collective intelligence of software programmers to find software flaws instead of hiring security equipment, making it ideal for skilled Africans. Consider reward programs if you can work with multiple programmers to find gaps in a project. Without barriers, you can earn thousands of dollars by working as a bug bounty hunter for various online businesses.

According to Business2community, creating and delivering online programming courses is a passive way for developers to earn a decent income. Many math and computer science students are ready to learn programming due to the growing demand for software developers on the African continent. And the Internet is the fastest and easiest place to start.

Experienced African software developers in creating online courses can earn a fortune in this industry. The idea is to register on social platforms, find your audience, and create insightful and valuable content for a fee. Getting started with free tutorials is a great way to build a customer base before monetizing on Udemy, Coursera, and more.

According to Shopify, software developers can turn their passion for programming into a lucrative business with a YouTube channel. This strategy is for Africans able to create valuable computer programming videos to educate a list of audiences. Africans with massive social media followers can benefit from this strategy.

Experienced African software developers can create and upload encoding video tutorials on the most popular online platform for rewards. You get paid when subscribers see your videos and the number of viewers determines your revenue. In addition, African software developers can win with ads and collaborative programs on the video platform.

According to WPexplorer, developing a WordPress plugin or theme is one of the best remote ways for software developers to make money. Although WordPress is an open source content management system, African software developers can create a plugin or theme and monetize it. Qualified African software developers offering these full services can earn foreign currencies from different countries online. The idea is to create a plugin that solves a specific problem for users or an ideal theme for multiple designers. Consider this strategy if you can create a plugin or theme that makes a difference. It pays to sell your WordPress creation and educate others on development.

According to Prime Gate Digital, application development is a strategy for software developers to earn a decent income online. Expert Africans with experience in Objective-C or Swift can make a decent living by monetizing their creation in app stores.

If you can create applications for phones and computers, you can earn desirable income without leaving the African continent. The idea is to develop applications for the multimillion-dollar industry of iOS and Android and monetize them. In addition, you can earn passive income by creating games for iOS, Android or computer and selling them through an auction process on Fupa, Flipa, etc.

According to Free Code Camp, the freelance world is rewarding and a lucrative source of income for software developers. Experienced African software developers can earn extra money by offering services on standalone platforms. Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, Upstack and PeoplePerHour offer great opportunities for freelance software developers.

Thousands of clients hire professionals on these platforms and pay in foreign currencies, making it ideal for African developers due to the exchange rate. Although the software development niche is unique, consider improving your craft and honing your skills before signing up for these platforms.

According to The Balance Small Business, writing and selling e-books is profitable for software developers. African software developers skilled in writing and editing can earn a decent income in this industry. Thousands of readers are learning a new programming language and you can benefit by sharing your knowledge and experience in books.

Also, consider writing books with valuable content to ensure continued revenue for many years. Creating an informative book on software development or educating your audience on programming is lucrative. The idea is to write educational books and promote them and sell them on Amazon’s kindle websites and other social platforms.

According to Simple Programmer, blogs are a lucrative way for software developers to make money online without national barriers. Experts in creating valuable content for a target audience can make a living in this industry. African software developers should consider creating a blog to educate the public about coding, application or web development.

Consider optimizing content with keywords for web crawlers and monetizing it for revenue. In addition, you can earn by charging for premium content and affiliate links without leaving the African continent. Paid articles and advertising are other options for making money for software developers through blogging.

African software developers can remotely make money through rewards programs, online teaching programming courses, and by creating a YouTube channel. In addition, developers can earn by creating a WordPress plugin or theme. The software development industry is lucrative and earning in foreign currency is one step closer to living the life of your dreams. Now is the time to explore the industry and earn a decent income with effective strategies.

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