a P2E Sleep-to-Earn Lifestyle Platform

  • SleeFi is a lifestyle app that uses the sleep mechanism to win.
  • This web3 application helps people with insomnia.
  • SleeFi has its native SLFT cryptocurrency and its government token, SLGT.

With the growing demand for cryptocurrency, people are looking for ways to make money online. This has directly influenced the growth of NFTs among cryptography enthusiasts. Now, NFTs have become more open for companies to make a profit. In addition, this new way of making profits has also been adopted by the gaming world.

Play-to-Earn games are becoming ubiquitous with the advent of blockchain technology. These cryptographic games are the latest sensation in the cryptographic world, with players or users earning rewards on chips or NFT for playing a game they like.

This is how the SleeFi P2E game meets the needs of players and their expectations. SleeFi is not like playing games to win, although they work with similar principles. With SleeFi, you sleep to win.

What is SleeFi?

SleeFi is a Web3 lifestyle application built around an essential daily activity for most people: sleep. It is being developed as an innovative project that takes advantage of the sleep model and wins. In this application, users will get beds in the form of NFT with which they can earn rewards and tokens. With chips, they can decide to bet, trade or trade for profit.

Why should you use SleeFi?

Research has shown that most depressed people suffer from insomnia, a condition known as insomnia. In this situation, SleeFi helps to fight insomnia and stay healthy and rewards users.

Among the ability of the application to meet physical and mental health, also gives access to a wide range of services as follows:

● Decentralized finance, DeFi
● GameFi system (Gacha function)
● Social Contribution
● NFT minting and a number of other interesting services.

These services are powered by the application’s native cryptocurrency, SLFT, and its government token, SLGT. The beauty of SleeFi is that while earning a living, it helps to improve the lifestyle of the users.

Getting Started with SleeFi

To enjoy the benefits of SleeFi and join the ongoing campaign, users can follow the steps below to get started and have a chance to earn lots of rewards.

● Download the SleeFi application
● Sign up for SleeFi
● Create a new portfolio
● Transfer AVAX to your in-app wallet
● Buy NFT Bed and start sleeping.

With this, users can get ready to start earning tons of rewards and SleeFi tokens.

The team plans to launch the app in the AppStore and Google Play Store this September. In addition, more updates will be announced soon.

What are SleeFi Tokens?

SleeFi has two tokens. The SLFT and the SLGT.


SLFT is the main token of the game, which users use to enhance their bed NFTs or coin more NFTs. Tokens are earned daily and users get them when they press “stop” after sleeping.


This is the DAO / Governance token from SleeFi, which users gain after sleep, especially with high quality and sleep duration. You also win with the lucky box. The SLGT can be used to:

● Increase the NFT level of the players’ bed
● Coining of NFT
● Participate in the DOA / Governance decision-making process.

How does SleeFi work?

SleeFi works by allowing users to calculate their daily sleep and earn exciting rewards for it. The rewards and tokens that users receive after sleep are proportional to the quality and duration of their sleep.

To do this, each player must maintain an NFT bed of different types and has five unique attributes. Significantly, users can’t measure their sleep when they want to. They can only do this once a day; for this, they need energy, which is restored after 20 hours since they once measured.

There are many factors that affect the duration that can be measured when a user sleeps, and the most important is the type of NFT bed. The higher the quality of the user’s bedside NFTs, the higher the sleep quality and the more rewards they get.

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