affiliate marketing: How to make money online through affiliate marketing

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. According to, affiliate marketing is estimated at $ 12 billion in 2022, while the US alone. UU. they will represent 8.2 billion of them according to Statista. In the digital world without limits, you can work not only for Indian affiliate marketing programs, but also for the US or any other part of the world. So, if you are planning to try affiliate marketing, here are the things you need to know to make money online through affiliate marketing.

What is an online affiliate marketing program?

Online affiliate marketing can be vaguely defined as an online referral mechanism in which a company that sells certain products or services pays you to recommend customers when you use your website to highlight or promote their products and services with hyperlinks that redirect customers to the seller’s website and lead to: a successful sale. Websites that promote products or services of others are called affiliate partners of their respective vendors. As an affiliate partner, if your website starts receiving successful referrals on a regular basis, it can become a constant and important source of online revenue for you.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When you want to buy a juicer, a smartphone or take advantage of a spa service at home, how do you find the best product or service that not only meets your needs but also offers the best value for money? A popular method used by many is to do an online search that leads to search results with many websites that offer relevant information with their unique ideas and recommendations. With your products and services selected and recommended, these sites also offer links in the affiliate marketing program to buy them directly from the seller. Most people trust one or another website that offers the most satisfying information and often end up clicking on these referral links and buying their recommended products and services. Affiliate partners receive compensation from the seller for each successful referral.

What kind of profit to expect

Typically, most affiliate networks pay between 5% and 15% of successful lead-to-sales conversion from a given link. However, a good number of sellers offer a lower commission, especially in the highly competitive product segments. Most sales can lead to a one-time payment, however, some referrals may earn recurring payments depending on the type of product or service being sold. Recurring payment occurs primarily in normal subscription-based products and services.

When the commission amount of each sale is not significant, the seller maintains a minimum threshold of Rs 5,000 or $ 100 to make any payment. The affiliate partner continues to recommend customers and their commission continues to accumulate until it reaches the minimum limit. Payment is made only after the total profit reaches a minimum threshold decided by the brand.

For example, if you are working on a fashion or beauty product that costs 500 rupees and the seller pays a 10% commission, you would need at least 100 successful sales to reach a 5000 rupee commission and receive payment. However, if you are working on an expensive product like an electronic gadget worth 20,000 rupees and you get a 5% commission, only 5 sales would be enough to reach the payment limit of 5,000 rupees.

There are no restrictions on the number of affiliate programs you can work with, and there are many affiliate partners that work with multiple vendors and have monthly revenue in the thousands. However, there are a good number of beginners who do not even reach the minimum payment threshold.

How Much Money Can You Make From Online Affiliate Marketing?

Most major e-commerce players are known to run great affiliate marketing programs. For example, Amazon in the Amazon Associates program pays a commission typically of 0.2% to 10%. eBay Affiliate pays a 12% commission on every sale while Flipkart Affiliate pays up to 15%. Web hosting and development players offer the most attractive payouts. For example, Reseller Club pays 5,000 rupees for each conversion, while Godaddy Affiliate pays up to 100% commission for a successful sale.

EE. UU., Being the leader in online affiliate programs, offers very attractive earnings for online affiliate partners. According to, the average income that an average affiliate marketer is making is $ 52,590 as of March 2, 2022. The US web hosting company Hostinger has one of the highest paid affiliate programs where you pay a commission up to 60%. While SEMrush, an all-in-one marketing platform, pays $ 200 for each successful subscription. Therefore, anyone who works in international brands in the United States can aim for higher profits, although it will also mean more competition.

Popular Products vs. Niche

Popular products also have the most competition. For example, mobile and television are the most sought after categories, so the number of affiliate websites competing in this segment is also very high. Therefore, any individual player who starts with a limited resource will have to work harder and wait longer to make significant gains in these categories.

Web hosting is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs. The fashion and wellness industries are the main niches that have a very attractive pay for affiliates.

Some Niche Categories For Affiliate Marketing

  • Finance – Loan, investment, debt settlement, credit card, mortgage, Bitcoin, NFT
  • Health and Wellness – Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Weight Therapy, Fitness, Organic, Nutrition, Vegan, Hair Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery
  • lifestyle – Luxury, Fashion, Jewelry, Online Dating, Matchmaking
  • Tour & Travel – Travel, Hotel, Destinations, Restaurants, Cruises, Airlines, Trains
  • Hobby and passion- Photography, Hiking, Sports, Event Tickets, Online Rummy, Online Casino
  • Home & Family – Home Security, Coffee Shop, Baby Products, Dogs, Gardening
  • Technology – Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, WordPress, VPN, SaaS, Gaming
  • Miscellaneous – Essential Oils, Herbal Products, Personal Development

Tools and Strategies to Use in Affiliate Marketing

The more traffic to your website, the more people who show interest in your content, the greater the chances of turning them into sales. To do this, in addition to building a good website with highly engaging content, you would also need to work on many other aspects to improve the effectiveness and reach of your website. There are many marketing and analytics tools that often come in the form of add-ons and extensions that help you improve the ranking of your website. These can help you with keyword targeting, trend analysis, content planning, social media promotions. There are many add-ons available that help you track and analyze your performance in real time and make improvements whenever needed.

Things to keep in mind to succeed

People are looking for a solution to a problem they are facing and just convincing with a website that truly answers their concerns for their satisfaction. You need to select a suitable product based on your analysis of the competition, the scope of the income, your familiarity, interest and experience on the subject. Therefore, if you plan to do affiliate marketing, there is no substitute for good content.

The mantra of success for online affiliate marketing

  • Have patience as it takes time
  • Choose the right product that you trust
  • Have more than one attractive product to diversify
  • Do the research to assess the demand for the product
  • Select a suitable advertiser who meets your requirements
  • Choose a suitable web platform and design
  • Provide useful information related to the product and service
  • Optimize your content for keywords
  • Use videos for product description and promotion
  • Use social media to promote your content and website
  • Use digital marketing tools
  • Look for new methods and techniques to improvise

Should you try?

While affiliate marketing offers great potential for making money online, however, it is not a cake ride. You should consider this option only after thorough research to understand the challenges and if you have the skills and passion to stand out in this field. The delay in getting started and receiving your first payment can be long, so be careful when planning your finances.

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