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Today, cryptography it is a popular way to invest in the market and a worthy alternative to mining. This term refers to the process of storing funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support all transactions in the blockchain and block a certain portion of your assets for profit. But don’t rush to ask where to bake bitcoinsfirst let’s find out what the steak is.

Stacking – What is it?

Accumulation is comparable to a bank deposit. Someone stores their coins in a wallet to make sure the blockchain works. This way, one blocks a certain part of the currency, which means that one cannot use it for a certain period of time.

It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to mining. Compared to the latter, it does not require many computers or other computing power. Therefore, it does not need much electricity. Currently the stack is applicable to more than one hundred cryptocurrencies. The most popular among them are: Cardano, Tezos, Solana, Algorand, Cosmos, TRON, EOS, DASH.

Advantages and disadvantages of rethinking


  • A great passive income that can range from good to incredible, depending on your willingness to take risks;
  • The betting process is simple enough to understand that even a beginner can figure out;
  • The staking entry threshold is relatively low, allowing even modest assets to start the process;
  • Assets that are staking not fixed;
  • No commissions;
  • Energy efficiency.


  • The assets involved are in “hot” exchange portfolios, which some people consider unsecured. However, it should be noted that platforms are constantly improving their security systems, thus minimizing potential risks;
  • Some assets have low returns: no more than 5%, which is comparable to a normal deposit.

Types of rethinking

He did

The main feature of this type is blocking: the user specifies the exact term for which he is ready to “freeze” his assets. Then it is not allowed to withdraw or trade currency before the specified date, so choose the the best place to bet cryptocurrencies wisely.

The main advantage of this type of betting is a higher interest rate.

Perpetual protocol

If you choose perpetual betting, you are not required to specify a date by which you are willing to maintain your cryptographic assets. Interest on the deposit will accrue until the coins are withdrawn or sold from the wallet. Most sites make perpetual bet payments once a month.


DeFi is a decentralized financial stacking site that works with the help of special programs (smart contracts) that monitor participants’ compliance with transactions without involving third parties.

The peculiarity of DeFi projects is that they determine the most profitable currency, in which they invest users’ money. In most cases, DeFi projects have a fairly high entry threshold.

Where to bet on Crypto?

Exchanges. Kraken, Coinbase, ByBit, Binance give the best interest. But keeping money in purses is risky because they are sometimes hacked.

Hardware wallets. This is a small device for storing cryptocurrencies. On the outside, it looks like a flash drive. You may have a USB connector or buttons to enter a PIN. In hardware wallets, cryptography is more tamper-proof.

On platforms. This type of rethinking is also called soft-stacking. Here are some examples of such platforms: Stake Capital, MyCointainer, etc.

How to choose the Best betting platform?

First of all, it is important not to pursue the volume of rewards, but to approach the choice of platform with caution. Huge revenue does not bode well if it is only “on paper” and the platform itself collapses, leaving you empty-handed. So here are some tips to choose from best cryptographic betting platform.

Never take the floor to the founders or the team when it comes to new DeFi platforms, no matter what protocol they are trying to implement, especially if you are not a technical person. Access specialized forums and see what others have to say about the protocol. Developers could typically detect the possibility of fraud and will always alert the community to any gameplay indicators or code vulnerabilities they may have detected.

Again, don’t put the size of the rewards first. Also consider the platform’s reputation, feedback, and stability (how many years on the market).

It’s best to earn a little but risk it all – trust reliable platforms and don’t risk your cryptocurrency wallet on overnight coin sites that promise a golden mountain.

Before you begin, please read the terms and conditions carefully and analyze the terms of use of the platform. Any good platform will have these documents available for free. Thus, you will learn about the nuances of connecting a wallet, the freezing period of the currency and the minimum amount to best bet on cryptography.

Top 5 Cryptographic betting platforms

a bet

aStake is an interesting and promising start-up project, whose rapidly growing popularity is due to the possibility of high profits, without having to transfer the keys of the portfolio to a third party, as well as attractive offers of investment training opportunities.

Additional benefits:

  • Fully automated staking;
  • Qualified technical support;
  • Low commissions;
  • Instant transactions;
  • Quick order execution;
  • Attractive conditions for betting on cryptocurrencies.

The only downside to the aStake platform is the lack of information about the project.

Crypt is a multifunctional platform that offers cryptocurrency exchange, trading and investing in digital assets: all the features of the cryptocurrency market in a single shell. There is also an opportunity to do crypto-estaking.


  • Reliability;
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • A large number of coins accepted;
  • Profitable and highly liquid affiliate program;
  • Many different services in one window;
  • Additional gains on the pooling and accumulation of cryptocurrencies;
  • Fiat exchange through portfolio;
  • Convenient Visa card for offline payment;
  • Continuous platform development and 24/7 support.


  • 2.99% commission for buying cryptocurrency from a ROS card;
  • Requires KYC verification;
  • Real-time application support may be slow.

There is no that has information on ETH, SOL, ATOM, MATIC, ADA, ONE, DOT.


Binance is a popular high-liquidity cryptocurrency betting platform that tops the list of market leaders among cryptocurrency exchanges and is famous for one of the largest trading volumes in the market. In addition, the platform is constantly evolving.


  • High reliability;
  • Many currencies are allowed;
  • Commissions available;
  • instant transaction execution;
  • Quick order execution;
  • Excellent conditions for the accumulation of cryptocurrencies;
  • Availability of masses of materials for beginner training;
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • 24/7 technical support.


  • Margin trading is not available;
  • Lack of regulation;
  • No protection for traders;
  • A lot of technical issues.

Currently, cryptocurrencies such as ATOM, QTUM, EOS, SOMETHING, VET, ONE and XTZ are available to bet on the Binance platform.


Kraken is a secure and popular cryptocurrency exchange with a beautiful design, which was founded in the United States in 2011. Unlike Coinbase or Huobi, the exchange does not boast of having a separate wallet. However, the exchange is considered secure enough, and at the time of writing this article, it still did not have a single major hack.

In Kraken, you can bet coins like Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM), Kava (KAVA), Flow (FLOW), Etherium (ETH2), Cosmos (ATOM) and Tezos (XTZ).


  • Security
  • Margin trading
  • Possibility to carry out operations with fiat currencies
  • Ideal reputation in the cryptocurrency community
  • Best betting currencies to trade. Only the most popular cryptocurrencies are offered with great liquidity


  • complicated user interface;
  • For any action on the exchanger, you must be verified;
  • Limited selection of payment systems for withdrawing fiat money.


Over ten years of successful work in the cryptocurrency market, this exchange has not only gained huge popularity and the trust of millions of users, but has also managed to increase its turnover. The platform is very convenient for trading, offers wallets for storing tokens, low commissions and instant transactions.

Coinbase benefits also include:

  • Provide complete security when storing cryptocurrency assets;
  • Two-level authentication availability;
  • Instant transaction confirmation;
  • Absence of commission for internal transfers;
  • Because of its convenience, it is suitable for those who are just beginning to master the stack of cryptocurrencies.


  • Rather a sparse choice of cryptocurrencies;
  • Weak anonymity;
  • Low quality technical support offered.

On the Coinbase platform, you can accumulate currencies such as Tezos, Cosmos and ETH and earn up to 5% interest (depending on the type of asset you are betting on).


For now, we can say for sure better betting cryptography for those investors who seek to make passive profits by owning cryptocurrencies, similar to stocks and bonds with high dividends.

Thanks to profitable interest rates, at the moment they have attracted billions of US dollars to the bet. Meanwhile, PoS blockchains have effectively solved the problem of cryptocurrency mining that is not environmentally friendly due to the energy intensive nature of the PoW protocol.

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