Bluesky Digital Assets Reports Expanding Mining Operations With $1 Million Acquisition Of AISC And GPU Mining Rigs

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After a wild performance of 2021, the cryptocurrency market, along with other major markets, is taking a break.

Bluesky Digital Assets Corp.‘s BTC, BTCWF The management team seems to believe that these are ideal times to build solid foundations and strengthen their arsenals to make money.

I like it Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. MARA e Riot Blockchain Inc. REASONSBluesky extracts digital coins, like Bitcoin BTC / USD e Ether ETH / USD and is developing value – added technology services for the digital currency market.

With an additional focus on creating digital mining software and artificial intelligence technologies, Bluesky can scale and respond to the changing conditions within the still-emerging digital currency industry.

Its main source of growth, however, remains its mining operations, which have been significantly strengthened thanks to recent partnerships.

Bluesky collaborates with Monbanc and Bitmain

In early 2021, Bluesky fed its already extensive cryptographic mining operations with a nearly $ 1 million Bitmain ASICS mining hardware order.

At the time, this acquisition of ASIC mining equipment material mining hardware represented Bluesky’s second significant order in dollars. In addition to substantially improving its mining efforts, the acquisition of Bluesky also exemplified the company’s key strategic partnerships within the cryptographic mining community. Following the acquisition, Bluesky included Bitmain of China in the growing supply chain partnerships it has set up for its mining platform operations.

Fast forward a year and Bluesky is expanding this partnership to include Monbanc Corp., a provider of goods and services to some of the region’s top cryptographic mining operators. In a $ 1 million joint venture (JV) operation, Bluesky and Monbanc have expanded Bluesky’s mining operations to Texas, where it expects a 175-megawatt (MW) mining facility.

Phase 1 of the JV operation includes Bluesky and Monbanc each acquiring a 50% stake in a 1 MW Antbox Bitmain liquid cooling system called Antbox, which will house an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for combined applications 195 S19 Pro + Hyd ( S19 Hydro). ) miners that are hydro / liquid cooled.

The S19 Hydro ASIC miners will be housed in the Antbox and all units use a new hydrocarbon-cooled power source that has a minimum conversion rate efficiency of 95% which reportedly achieves considerable energy savings in mining operations performed by traditional air cooling systems. The hydraulically cooled power source results in significantly lower electrical costs while providing greater environmental protection.

In total, Bluesky paid $ 714,880 (CA $ 899,605) for his share of the team, and Monbanc paid an additional $ 714,880.

What does this mean for Bluesky?

These new moves mean that the company will likely increase its Bitcoin mining capabilities by a minimum of 18.5 petahash per second (PH / s), which would mean about C $ 114,380 per month in additional gross revenue based on BTC having a price of C $ 45,000 per BTC. and the minimum PH / s achieved.

The Antbox and the 195 S19 Hydro ASIC miners are expected to arrive at Bluesky’s Texas facility and become operational between late June and early July. Bluesky plans to order additional Antboxes in the fourth quarter.

“The selection of the S19 Hydro was based on the fact that cooling technology makes this mine the ideal unit to withstand any increase in temperature in the Texas region. The strategy we are aiming for is to acquire and have a minimum of 10 MW of these units. in operation between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, “said Bluesky CEO Ben Gelfand.

“The S19 Hydro is almost twice as close as the nearest miner’s terrahash, and as we populate our Texas facility with the most efficient miners, we have to grab a bullish market and aim to support the bear,” said Monbanc and BlueSky director Daniel . said Rafuse.

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.

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