Can Mushe Outperform prominent crypto like the NEAR protocol and Cronos?


With each passing day, the crypto market is expanding exponentially. New and innovative cryptographic tokens are coming out to make it easier for investors. As they constantly yearn for improvement in a decentralized financial system. So far, there are over nineteen thousand cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap. More than 500 exchanges serve as retail stores to exchange these cryptographic tokens in the market.

This vast market with many options attracts large investors and financial institutions to invest in these currencies. The market has given great successes and disappointments over time. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap include Ethereum (ETH), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Cronos (CRO), and more.

A new token will be released soon. Mushe (XMU). This symbol seems to have a solid foundation and exciting future goals. Many investors in the industry consider it the next big thing in the crypto world. Now the question is whether it will be overcome or not NEAR Protocol (NEAR) e Cronos (CRO).

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Crypto

A chain of first layer blocks NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is a community-driven cloud. It aims to eliminate the limitations that blockchains face, such as low transaction speeds and poor interoperability. NEAR, provides the ideal environment for DApps and creates a user and programmer friendly platform. Uses human-readable account names, unlike cryptographic addresses common to Ethereum.

NEAR also introduces unique problem-solving solutions using a consensus protocol called “Doomslug”. It also has advanced security and its users do not use browser extensions to register or access applications. Their smart contracts are like the Web Assembly Virtual Machine (WASM). The only downside to NEAR is that it is in direct competition with chips like Ethereum, a stable chip preferred by investors to play safely.

Cronos (CRO)

Cronos (CRO) is a decentralized, open source blockchain. Developed by financial services company It offers solutions designed to accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. It aims to increase users’ control over money, protect users’ data, and protect users’ identities. Your ecosystem provides an active network with (DApps), will provide high performance liquidity, Excellent membership cards and risk-free participation rates in stable currencies. The disadvantages associated with the token are its high initial betting requirements and its long lividity depending on, which is a great possibility.

Mushe (XMU)

Mushe (XMU) is a decentralized token built into the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to facilitate peer interaction and provide rewards and governance. It will provide liquidity to their exchange and a satisfactory user experience. It aims to increase access to digital assets for the everyday person.

XMU aims to educate its users about digital currencies and financial management. XMU intends to join Solana. Solana is the fastest growing ecosystem for gaming and NFT. In addition, this will provide low transaction costs. It claims to offer payment solutions to increase revenue streams. It will launch a simple and user-friendly mobile app. This application will be a great step to make it easier for users.

Focus on avoiding scams and fraud. It will provide a mechanism to prevent money laundering. Which will make it more reliable and secure. It also offers platform integration. The integration will allow users to access a shared wallet. This way, you can easily manage your personal and business finances.

The XMU ecosystem has some unique features such as:

  • Bank: XMU will offer easy banking options and affordable solutions. Its main purpose is to manage cryptocurrencies and fiat wallets. It will provide smooth exchanges and payments
  • Utility tokens: Mushe will have his XMU token. XMU will be easily interconvertible throughout the market
  • Trading options: XMU is also providing access to different cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Reward: XMU claims to grow its ecosystems by being loyal to its users. Which will benefit both the users and the platform.
Can Mushe surpass outstanding cryptography such as the NEAR and Cronos protocol?  1


In short, we can say that Mushe (XMU) will be one of the major cryptocurrencies. It has a unique ecosystem that offers features such as utility tokens, banking, trading options, rewards, and more. These features make it an interesting option for investors. It will be okay to say that Mushe (XMU) it will leave its mark CoinMarketCap in the presence of major currencies such as NEAR Protocol (NEAR) e Cronos (CRO).

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