Crypto meets real world concerns in mining policy discussion

Episode 45 Season 4 of The Scoop was remotely recorded with Aislinn Keely of The Block and Growth Chief Scientific Vice President Taras Kulyk and New York Assemblyman Clyde Vanel.

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Much of the political conversation surrounding cryptography is concerned with Wall Street issues that take place primarily in the digital world: investor protection, cybersecurity, licensing to provide financial services online. But the political conversation about working test mining is asking cryptocurrencies to deal with real-world problems. Mining companies are responding to environmental narratives, concerns about noise pollution, and questions about how a data center can improve a community.

This episode of Policy Scoop delves into mining policy dialogues, from the federal level to local communities. Host Aislinn Keely sits down with Taras Kulyk, senior growth vice president of mining company Core Scientific, to talk about the views of regulators and lawmakers on working test mining and how the industry is addressing those concerns.

“It all comes down to the executive order of the Biden administration dealing with a wide range of things. But environmental impact has become the key meeting mark for digital asset miners in the United States,” Kulyk said. “The good thing is that there seems to be a lot of misinformation that can be suffocated and treated very easily within Washington, specifically that for some reason, lawmakers think digital miners produce CO2.”

New York Assembly member Clyde Vanel also joins the program to talk about the proposed moratorium on mining in the state and why he thinks that is not the answer to environmental concerns. Vanel shares how he has seen mining companies positively shape some of New York’s communities and why he has hopes for their role in the state.

In this episode of Policy Scoop, Keely also talks to Kulyk and Vanel about:

  • House Democrats letter to EPA and industry response
  • How the SEC’s environmental disclosures could affect mining companies
  • The proposed mining moratorium in New York
  • As mining companies are facing community concerns

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