Crypto Mining: How much do you know about it?

Mining is the method by which the new cryptocurrency enters the market. The process is performed using advanced technologies using a complex computational arithmetic question. The first computer to solve the puzzle gets the next block of bitcoins and restarts the process.

What exactly is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency. You can use it to pay your friends’ bar bill, buy that new pair of socks you’re admiring, or book flights and accommodations for your next vacation. Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are a digital currency, they can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world.

To validate transactions in a blockchain and produce new cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency mining companies use computers to solve challenging computational tasks. Cryptocurrency can be stored and used for specific transactions or sold for cash.

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Types of cryptocurrency mining

In 2013, the price of BTC had risen to $ 100 and the number of miners had multiplied to the point that it took months to receive the reward. Then came the initial groups, when the miners came together to quickly build a block and then split the prize equally among the members. Mining bitcoins at home is no longer profitable. However, there are other cryptocurrencies open to everyone.

The procedure

Technically, mining can be classified into several types according to the equipment used:

  1. GPU: Also known as a video card.
  2. CPU: Also known as processor-based.
  3. ASIC-based: uses specialized equipment to extract coins that use certain algorithms.
  4. FPGA-based: Using specialized hardware designed to extract cryptocurrencies with programmable logic integrated circuits.

Previously, it was possible to start with a more profitable currency when it was profitable to use the CPU (processors) or GPU (video cards) to extract the most popular currencies. ASIC is being used more and more.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners are computers built specifically to mine cryptocurrencies developed through working test.

In theory, any computer can be used to solve these challenges. However, as the job test is basically a race, those with the highest hash rate, a measure of the number of calculations that can be performed per second, are more likely to solve the puzzle first.

ASIC is only intended for one algorithm. If the algorithm becomes unpopular or unprofitable for any reason, the acquired ASIC becomes obsolete. The FPGA combines the flexibility of a selection of mining algorithms (similar to graphics cards) with the hashing power of an ASIC. You can read more here FPGA miner.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are being mined through mining processes

Mining methods

Mining is classified into three types according to its method:

  1. Individual mining – often known as solo. This is an autonomous and self-sufficient operation that does not depend on membership in the pool.
  2. Mining in groups as a group: a group is a server that groups the processing capacity of miners. It is a common computer network involved in the production of new blocks. The coins produced are distributed among the miners in proportion to their participation in the process.
  3. Cloud mining: In this case, you rent computer energy to a service that extracts on an industrial scale, unlike the two previous techniques, which use their own equipment. In this circumstance, it is no longer necessary to create and maintain their own farms. While the coins are being extracted, it is enough to pay for the power of another and extract some industrial cryptographic mining equipment. Using the cloud allows you to join the manufacturing line at no cost. However, when it comes to cloud mining, the advice is to act carefully and dig deep before venturing into this attractive realm of passive income.

While mining may be the most common way to gain cryptography, it is not the only way. See our piece on 3 Ways to Gain Unencrypted Cryptography for more information.

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