Find ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks During The Turbulent Market Drop

Shares experienced an up and down session in which the Nasdaq closed 1% higher on Tuesday. The chaotic day marks the continuation of a tumultuous run since late March that included the largest monthly Nasdaq decline since October 2008 in April. The S&P 500, meanwhile, suffered its worst drop since the initial covid blockades in March 2020.

Wall Street has remotely sold all growth-related stocks and most other stocks outside of oil and energy as investors prepare for higher interest rates to help combat 40-year high inflation. Investors are also increasingly focused on the ongoing Russian invasion and the strict blockades of Chinese covid that could continue to drive up energy prices and further clog up supply chains.

Probably a lot of investors sold out during the recession, and others might be waiting on the sidelines until the dust settles before they start diving again. But trying to get to the bottom is only possible in retrospect, which makes market timing so difficult and potentially dangerous. .

Also, remember that Wall Street has to put money into work to overcome 8.5% inflation, and bond yields remain historically low. Therefore, investors with long-term horizons may start buying some of their favorite stocks at a discount, even if they continue to fall in the short term because history has shown that markets are finally recovering and setting new highs.

Let’s use our Filtered Zacks Rank 5 stock screen to help investors find potential winners to better navigate the current market recession.

Zacks Rank # 1 (Strong Buy) stocks outperform the market in both good and bad times. However, there are over 200 stocks that win Zacks ’No. 1 spot at any given time. It is therefore useful to understand how to apply filters to the Zacks Range to reduce the list to a more manageable and negotiable set of actions.


Clearly, there are only three items on this screen. But together, these three filters can produce impressive returns.

• Zacks range equal to 1

Starting with a Zacks Rank # 1 is usually a strong starting point because it has had an average annual return of about 24.4% per year since 1988.

•% change (Q1) Est. for 4 weeks greater than 0

Positive revisions of current quarter estimates over the past four weeks.

•% change in valuation of the broker for 4 weeks equal to the number 5 above

The 5 most important stocks with the best average ratings of runners over the last four weeks.

This strategy comes loaded with the search wizard and is called bt_sow_filtered zacks rank5. It can be found in the SoW (Screen of the Week) folder.

Here it is two yes five shares that were ranked today for the Filtered Zacks Rank 5 strategy …

Carlisle Companies Incorporated CSL

Carlisle Companies is a leading supplier of innovative products for building envelopes. These are essentially all the things that separate the interior and exterior of a building, such as windows, doors, roof, floor, foundations, and insulation. Carlisle is very focused on energy efficiency solutions that aim to help “drive less GHG emissions, improve energy savings for building owners and operators, and increase a building’s resilience to the elements.”

Carlisle surpassed our first-quarter earnings and revenue estimates on April 28, after hitting a record quarterly sales that shot up 45% year-over-year, to $ 1.5 billion. Carlisle said his acquisition of Henry “continues to exceed” his “expectations.” Carlisle has raised its prospects as it successfully overcomes rising costs and supply chain problems. The company is benefiting from “accumulated demand on coating delays” and beyond. CSL’s shares have increased 115% in the last two years and increased 2% in 2022 compared to its industry’s 20% decline. The recent fortress is part of a much longer period of market and industry overcoming.

Griffon GFF

Griffon Corporation is a diversified management and holding company that conducts business through wholly owned subsidiaries. GFF operates within two broader informable segments. Griffon’s consumer and professional products unit includes branded consumer and professional tools, as well as residential, industrial and commercial fans, storage and household organization products, and more. Meanwhile, its home and construction product division has garage doors, rolling steel doors and beyond.

Griffon exceeded our second-quarter financial estimates in late April, crushing our adjusted EPS estimate by 200% for the second consecutive quarter. GFF’s shares soared after its release thanks to strong guidance. Zacks ’estimates call for his revenue to increase by 19% this year and another 8% next year. Meanwhile, their adjusted profits are expected to increase by 69% and 10%, respectively, during this stretch. And GFF pays a dividend.

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