Gen Z: Here Are the Pros and Cons of Hustle Culture

Millennials marked the beginning of the popularity of hectic culture, which means you would have a second or third part-time or freelance job in addition to your full-time job. In addition, organizing several part-time concerts instead of having a full-time job is also part of the hustle and bustle culture. Basically, millennials normalized the idea that you would have several jobs to make a living.

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By 2020, it was reported that 50% of millennials had a side show. Just behind them was Generation Z, with 46% of that generation reporting having some sort of secondary agitation. Now that the oldest members of Generation Z are 25 years old, they may be considering self-employment as a permanent part of their lifestyle. While it’s a great way to make extra money, there are also some pitfalls to clearing up the culture.

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Pros: You can make a lot of money

Obviously, one of the best benefits of having multiple jobs is making more money than you would with a single job. It’s especially great if your secondary job isn’t as demanding as your primary job, so you can do it in less time and maybe enjoy completing it as an extra bonus. You can usually set your own rate for self-employment, so you may be able to contribute more per hour in a secondary job than in your full-time job.

Secondary jobs can sometimes be unlimited in the amount of work available, so you can take on whatever you want and maybe earn thousands more than you do in your full-time job.

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Cons: Burnout Is Real

Having unlimited opportunities is not always good. Maybe you have a number in your head that you’re trying to win, so take on more and more projects without having enough time to complete them all. Or you want to look good for your employer or client, so you say you can complete something when, in fact, completing that task will cause you a lot of stress. Too much stress in your life can affect your physical and mental health, causing you to get sick more often, experience depression, and speed up the aging process.

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You have more control than you think. You don’t have to take advantage of every job opportunity presented to you simply because you don’t want to disappoint people. Be honest with yourself about what you feel comfortable completing before committing to someone else. Money and climbing the professional ladder is not as important as your health.

Pro: You can manage yourself

Often, when you do freelance projects, you control when you work on them and how you decide to complete them. No entry at 9am. There is no manager to check your progress every hour. You can decide how to best manage your time and how to communicate with your client. You also have the freedom to decide how the project works and you don’t have to go through several rounds of review with people in your business. The workflow is between you and the client.

Cons: Your skill set may remain static

Since you are the only one who looks at your work, you are limited to what you know. You don’t have a senior manager to help you grow or give you feedback that can improve your skills. Although you will receive feedback from your client, most of the time, the client will not guide you on how to make changes to your work. Relying solely on stand-alone gigs to keep you going, you can get tired of how much you’re learning about your field.

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Fortunately, there are ways to combat this. You can always take a class to try to expand your knowledge and keep up to date with the trends that are happening in your area of ​​expertise. You can also search for groups of people in your field and compare notes to get more insights into what you’re working on. Doing independent research online will also help ensure that you are not left behind and that you are constantly improving your skills.

Pro: You can meet a lot of people

The more concerts you do, the more people you will meet. These people can help you expand your network and pass on your name to future jobs. If they work in a field you would like to work in, they can guide you and prepare you for a higher position when available. Having a recommendation from a respected person who has worked with you goes well in any field.

Cons: Secondary work could end abruptly

Often, side shows can be project-based. When the project ends, the work ends (and so does the salary). There may also be conflicts that you cannot control, so your services are no longer needed. It is important to know that side jobs are not always reliable and that you may need a backup plan or a savings account just in case.

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