GPU Prices Fall Amid Crypto Crash, Here’s How Much You Will Pay Now

After years of scarcity and scarcity in the graphics card market, the fall of cryptocurrencies is reducing the cost of GPUs in all areas.

After several years of rising prices, scarcity and scarcity in the market graphics cards market, the fall of cryptocurrencies in 2022 is reducing the cost of GPUs in all areas. The shortage began in 2020, coinciding with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus emerged, global production and shipping lines were disrupted, limiting the number of graphics cards produced and shipped to the US market. Coincidentally, all the time spent isolated during these months has led to an increase in GPU demand, which has put a strain on the market on both the supply and demand side. Scalpers have taken control of the market, listing GPUs on second-hand retail sites for more than double the MSRP of the components in some cases. But the market has been plummeting in recent months, and the cryptocurrency crash gives even more hope to shoppers looking for a new graphics card.


The start of 2022 has not been more promising for the graphics card market than the previous two years, despite the recent change. The Russian invasion and protracted conflict with Ukraine are expected to have spread the chip shortage because both countries have refined and exported critical components used to produce microchips. In addition, Intel, one of the world’s largest microchip manufacturers, said in May that the availability of manufacturing tools would limit market recovery. However, the market did not fully reflect the general forecasts. Despite concerns, Asus lowered the prices of some of its graphics cards in March. Now, the fall in cryptocurrency is reducing the demand for graphics cards, reducing costs.

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Although cryptocurrencies hit all-time highs in 2021, so far the same cannot be said about 2022. Bitcoin, for example, hit an all-time high of $ 68,000 in November 2021, but fell below $ 30,000 in 2022. Bitcoin is the most notable and recognizable example, but the market crash has affected cryptocurrencies of all kinds. Although crypto is well known as a volatile investment method, even the stock market is suffering. However, the cryptocurrency market is directly related to the graphics card market as GPUs power the blockchain. Therefore, when the cryptocurrency market fails, the price of GPUs fails and vice versa.

GPU prices fall below the MSRP

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Tom’s hardware has followed graphics card price trends in 2022, and things look nasty for GPU sellers, and fantastic for buyers looking for a new card. According to the report, graphics card prices fell 15 percent in May 2022, adding to the massive declines earlier this year. The cost of graphics cards has steadily declined by 10 to 15 percent each in recent months, coinciding with the downward trend in the cryptocurrency market. This is because GPUs are an integral part of cryptocurrency transaction processing, and when the market is strong, there is a lot of money to be made in mining cryptocurrency. When it weakens, the value of GPUs decreases, flooding the graphics card market at prices that may be below MSRPs, in some cases.

Micro Center, a popular U.S. electronics retailer that has kept stock of graphics cards through shortages, offers GPUs at surprisingly low prices. Buyers can save up to $ 230 off the MSRP on certain RTX 3080 and 3090 cards at the company’s stores and find other cards at retail or lower prices. The downside is that consumers can only buy most of the cards in stores and locations are limited to some metropolitan areas. Best Buy offers slightly worse deals, up to $ 150 off the price of the sticker, but the locations are more prominent across North America. Regardless of where a buyer is looking for one graphics card in 2022, they will likely find that the components are more affordable and affordable than in recent years.

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Source: Tom’s Hardware, Micro Center, Best Buy

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