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GreenHashes has brought together blockchain technical experts, leading miners and analysts with a single goal: to popularize the mining industry and take cloud mining to the next level.

Everyone who has access to the Internet has heard at least once about the “magical” world of cryptocurrencies.

There, ordinary people become real investors and multiply their start-up capital repeatedly. But some get there indiscriminately: they don’t know what to buy, where to store it, and how to use it.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that was built on Blockchain. Cryptocurrency is also called “crypto”, “digital currency”, “virtual money” and other combinations of these words.

The king of the cryptocurrency industry is Bitcoin, first launched and introduced in 2009 by Nakamoto. The real name of this person (or group of people) is not yet known. Now the total value of bitcoins is around $ 750 billion.

To generate a Bitcoin, you need to mine. Mining is done using high-power computers that solve complex computational mathematical problems.

In return for the decisions, computer owners receive coins stored as records in the blockchain. Blockchain is like a digital book that is stored on the computers of all users at the same time.

Blockchain cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Even if you launch a fake record on the network, other computers will immediately compare with your own and refuse to accept it.

To succeed in piracy, you need to fill the net with a multitude of fakes, and it can be impossible.

Mining can be classic, on processors, or on video cards. Cloud mining is a trend that has recently been introduced. It allows a user to rent capabilities of a mining company and thus accumulate cryptocurrency.

The value of cryptocurrency depends a lot on the means. Regulation news, quotes from celebrities, and other publications have a big influence on market rates.

For example, the negative comments of the Indian finance minister caused a fall in the exchange rate by $ 500. Even so-called “experts” are often wrong.

Therefore, it is important to have your own opinion and thoroughly analyze everything that happens in the market.

Cryptocurrency is not just money, but technology, innovation and business. Blockchain offers us an incredible technology, whose potential we have yet to unlock.

It allows us to build a whole new world, where freedom, privacy and the protection of human rights are indispensable components of everyday life. Investing in cryptocurrencies could be a smart move toward that future.

How does it work?

One of the best ways to start investing in cryptocurrency is cloud mining. Big data centers rent out some of their capacity to everyone for a fee.

Typically, these companies are located in countries with colder climates and cheaper electricity. Professionals take risks so investors can get the most out of cloud mining.

The company is increasing competition in the domestic market by raising the bar of such high quality and attracting many new investors. This will improve the capacity of the equipment produced and the growth of cryptocurrencies.

The company opens access to environmentally friendly mining to all who use only renewable sources of sun, wind and hydrogen with environmentally friendly equipment.

Such an approach allows them to maximize their profits from cryptographic mining. The company does all the work and distributes the profit among the investors according to the respective contract.

The presence of regular payments, a variety of mining packages, low prices (starting at $ 20) and an easy-to-use interface that provides users with stable and passive income.

The platform is suitable for both beginners and professional investors. Each user has the opportunity to monitor their profits throughout the day, and the company at that time takes care of all the concerns to ensure safety and smooth operation.

The company is responsible for the security of its servers and provides mining, which ensures a greater degree of confidentiality.

Payments are made in Bitcoin to further secure the system and make green mining available to everyone around the world.

To get started, simply create an account on the website and choose one of the contracts.

If you have any questions about the service or suggestion, please write to us: the support team has an individualized approach for each customer, taking into account all wishes and trying to implement it as soon as possible for later use.

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