How To Earn Money While Spending Time Outdoors

Whether it’s selling gourmet food, teaching people how to plant a garden, or collecting dog waste, these women have found ways to make money while spending time outdoors. Learn their secrets so you can start charging too!

“I make up to $ 7,000 a month teaching people about gardening!”

“I grew up in Philadelphia and never had any gardening experience, but when I lived in San Francisco, I wanted to learn how to grow my own food. I was accepted into gardening on a Missouri farm and fell in love with it. with a non-profit organization that had a youth gardening program, then I worked on their youth farming program and started a business within their organization by teaching people how to design and install orchards. launch Creative Vegetable Gardener (

“It was easy to start my own business. I bought some tools and a wheelbarrow and set up a website. I offer live and virtual garden consulting services. I take a look at my clients’ gardens and come up with a plan to plant a new garden, find the sunny place and identify what they want to grow and the best crops and varieties.I help them when they have problems or don’t get the results they want with their current gardens.I also write a blog, write two books and offer online classes that I shoot out on my garden, including All About Herb Gardening and Success in All Seasons My own vegetable garden is 1,600 square feet, and I’m always in it, experimenting, taking pictures, and thinking of new ideas for what people want to learn.

“I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with people, and I love being in the garden and thinking of new ideas. Flexibility is great too! Each month varies, but I can earn up to $ 7,000 a month. The money I earn pays the bills, goes back to business, and pays for the plants, seeds, and garden improvements. ” – Megan Cain, 46 Madison, WI

“I make up to $ 1,500 a day selling gourmet food at outdoor markets!”

“When my husband lost his job about 14 years ago, I was working part-time as a professional organizer and caring for my son, so we needed to find a way to make money. He had a recipe for a condiment I’ve been using for over 30 years old, and I used to give it away to family and friends. They loved it so much that my husband suggested we try to sell it. California Gourmet (

“We quickly learned that selling in small outdoor locations was more effective, because people like to connect with me, hear our history, and see photos at our booth.

“Today we sell eight types of condiments, as well as jams, teas, salts and gift sets, and we always include recipes. I observe ingredients throughout the state, and over the years I have developed relationships with farmers and select ingredients by hand.

“We attend about 20 events a year, from spring to Christmas, including pop-up events and vintage outdoor markets. To market the business, we also use social media, email, and do a live cooking show. Every Saturday on Facebook and Instagram, it’s a family business, so our daughter helps us too. I love hearing stories from our clients, and we have a lot of loyal followers. business “. – Christina Sleeper, 55, Los Angeles, CA.

“I earn about $ 65,000 a year collecting dog poop!”

“I’ve been in the military for 32 years, and when I retired, I got married and moved to Florida. I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial that really appealed to me. When I was in Utah visiting family, I noticed a woman outside picking up dog poop in her garden. niece explained that they hired someone to help them as they were very busy with their four dogs and their new baby. I thought it was a great idea, and something I could do too. I chose Pet Butler ( because I love that their mission is to help the community with shelter dogs and pets.

“Getting started was easy. I went through the training of the company and set up my LLC. They created my website and one day I had my first client. When I start the day, I check how many clients I have, usually between 25 and 30, and I check the type Most require cleaning of the garden, but some also require an odor remover and deodorant.

“I love that my work is outdoors. I exercise, I listen to Audible and I meet young people and I soon hear who needs someone to talk to. On my first day at work, I picked up so much poop, but when my client, a woman older than she used to walk, she thanked me for helping her keep the garden clean so her grandchildren could play, I knew she was in. The right business.

“I use social media to market my business, but I also get referrals. This year, I’m on track to earn over $ 65,000, money that goes back into business and is donated to a non-profit organization for dogs. – Mary Lester, 54 Tallahassee, FL

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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