How to Make Money Listening to Music

It may sound crazy, but it is possible to make money by listening to music. In fact, a growing number of people are paying to listen to their favorite music. Curious? Keep reading to learn more about this emerging opportunity.

Can You Make Money Listening to Music?

As amazing as it sounds, you can listen to music and charge for it. Of course, it depends on some factors, such as your fan base, the websites you work with, and the number of reviews you can offer to your music business ideas.

6 Ways to Make Money Listening to Music

Many websites today pay music lovers to listen, review, and rate music. What you earn depends on the website and the type of work you do for them. For example, reviewing new music can help you make more money than listening to a selected radio station.

1. Make money watching music videos

One way to make money with music is to watch videos. In addition to watching videos, some sites may also require you to participate in online surveys. Completing surveys will help you increase your overall income. You can also view free music for videos as another source of revenue by selecting music for vloggers, businesses, and other creators.

2. Make money by providing feedback to radio stations

Online radio stations are always waiting for the next big hit. Before releasing a song widely, many radio stations pay people to listen to music and provide feedback.

3. Check music for money

Websites like Playlist Push and HitPredictor pay users to review their music. To improve your earning potential, you need to be detailed in your opinions.

4. Transcribe letters

Another easy way to make extra money is to do some transcription work. Sites like WeLocalize offer a decent amount of money for transcription work.

5. Complete paid surveys

The data is invaluable and many websites are willing to pay you for your comments on new artists and songs. You can take part in these surveys and earn extra money.

6. Join focus groups

Some websites also create discussion groups where music fans connect and share opinions about music. A moderator often leads discussions within these focus groups and uses the comments as valuable information.

Websites that will pay you to listen to music

From market research to criticism, there are many reasons that drive websites to pay listeners. In many cases, the music industry uses the knowledge gained through research and review to make changes that will attract the target demographic. Let’s look at some websites that will pay you extra money to listen to music.

Music Xray

Music Xray focuses on new music artists and songwriters. Listeners should listen to new songs and rate them. Your ratings and comments help new artists produce better music. By bringing new artists to listeners, Music Xray also helps build followers for music creators.

Once you sign up, Music Xray will pay 10 cents per song. Recordings usually last only 30 seconds and once you reach $ 20 in revenue, you can cash in via PayPal. It is important to note that Music Xray only pays users through PayPal at this time.

Cut the cake

With millions of reviewers, Slice The Pie is one of the most popular websites that pay users to review music online. To make money reviewing music on this site, you need to listen to music for at least 90 seconds. The site will pay you for your rating and review.

Slice the Pie pays between 2 and 10 cents per review. Payment is made immediately and you can withdraw your winnings via PayPal. The minimum payment threshold is $ 10. is designed to review new music. On their website, you can listen to and review songs instantly. They also have an app that can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Playstore app store. However, joining the site is a bit tricky. You must be invited by an existing member before you can join the site. You can earn points and exchange them for Amazon gift cards.


HitPredictor, as its name suggests, tries to identify the best-selling music. On their website, users get paid to listen to new music that can be valued and reviewed for money. HitPredictor is popular with individual and record artists looking for experts to evaluate new music.

In HitPredictor, you get 3 points ($ 1) for each song score. You can buy gift cards to exchange your points.

Push playlist

If you’re a content creator with a good number of people following you, PlaylistPush is a great platform for making extra money. To get started, you must have at least 400 followers on Apple Music or Spotify. Once you meet this requirement, you’ll be able to connect with young artists who pay popular users to listen to their music and add them to their own playlists.

PlaylistPush pays approximately $ 1 for each song review. You can expect to be paid more if you have a significant number of people following you.

How To Make More Money Listening To Music

In recent years there have been several platforms where users charge for listening to songs. On these websites, users can make money by valuing, reviewing, or simply listening to music.

Here are some tips to increase your earnings in this fun way.

  • Make references: Referring friends to websites is an easy and effective way to add money to your PayPal account. Sites like Music Xray pay users every time they send new people.
  • Sign up at several sites: Another easy way to charge for listening to music is to sign up at various sites.
  • Focus on creating your followers: Record labels and new artists are always looking for influencers and popular content creators to test their music and raise awareness. This makes it important to think about how you can get more people to follow you.
  • Work on your writing skills: Since many of these websites pay for music reviews, it can help you improve your writing skills so that you can write better reviews and earn more.

What equipment do you need to make money listening to music?

The only equipment you may need to get started is good headphones and an internet connection to listen to music without interruption. Some sites also have apps, so a good mobile device will come in handy.

How Much Money Can You Make Listening to Music?

Since each site pays differently, your average monthly income will vary. If you take this seriously, on average you can earn between $ 100 and $ 200 a month to get paid to listen.

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