How to Make Money on Medium

For tens of thousands of content producers when they started writing, Medium was a secure, easy-to-use platform for publishing articles. Today there is more. Content publishers are now also making money online on this popular platform. Not in vain, Medium is seeing an increase in the number of users.

What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform open to everyone. It’s one of the few blogging platforms where you don’t have to be a successful writer to set up an account. Anyone can become a contributor and share opinions, stories, and ideas.

Also, there is virtually no limitation on topics to explore. From entrepreneurship and technology to music and food, Medium works for all types of content writers.

Medium has gained popularity because it keeps things simple. The platform has no luxuries and as long as you follow its guidelines, you can make the most of Medium posts.

How does the middle platform work?

To publish your blog to Medium, you must first register. You can choose to contribute to selected story posts or publish your own standalone posts. If you sign up using Facebook or Twitter, your connections will automatically start tracking your Medium account. As a content editor, you also have editing rights.

To make money writing on the platform, you need to create your profile and get people to start following you. Medium has a membership program, which means that users pay a reader membership fee that allows them to read and write as many articles as they want.

When a paying member reads and applauds your story, a portion of their membership dollars starts in your bank account.

You can also use Medium for business. If you have experience in a particular field as an entrepreneur, you can use the platform to show off your skills and of course your business.

How Much Money Can You Make With a Medium?

Medium is a great channel when you are looking to make extra money as a freelance writer. But it is unrealistic to expect it to become a full-time source of income and life. Let’s look at an example.

Suppose a paying member only applauds five stories in a month. Each author then receives $ 1. If the same member applauds several times, each author receives no more than a few cents.

In the early months when they are building their Medium profiles, active writers earn about $ 25 a month. By publishing regularly and focusing on creating quality content, writers earn more. In numbers, major members can earn about $ 1,000 a month.

Ways to make money in between

Granted, there aren’t too many options for making money on the platform, Medium writers can still start writing and increase their revenue. Top writers use different ways to increase their revenue on this platform. Let’s take a closer look.

Author bonuses

Last year, Medium began paying between 500 and 1,000 writers. These author bonuses were issued to writers who received the most reads, applause, and followers.

As a writer, if you focus on making your content popular with your audience, you can also increase your chances of getting a bonus amount.

Referrals from friends

Another novelty that Medium introduced on its platform last year was affiliate marketing.

Members receive a custom affiliate link or a referral landing page. When your friends sign up for Medium and buy a subscription, you get a cut and make money.

Middle partner program

Most writers take advantage of the Medium Partner Program to make money.

By signing up for the Medium Partner Program, you’ll place your content behind a pay wall. Any average member interested in your article will have to pay for it.

Interestingly, the Partner Program also has content curators looking for the best stories. The stories that make the cut automatically receive higher rankings on the home page of the site, email newsletters, and user feeds. This, in turn, helps content creators reach more people and increase their revenue.

Medium stories

Another easy way to increase your Medium revenue is by importing stories to the platform.

Medium high traffic is useful for getting your content’s attention. This is something your own blog might not be able to offer. By transferring past stories you can maximize your reach.

Tips for Making Money with a Means

When it comes to Medium stories, you should have a strategy for reaching more Medium members. This way, you can improve your earning potential.

Here are some tips that may be helpful.

1. Write longer articles

Deepening in topics that other members value is a great way to show the uniqueness of your content. This is where long articles come in handy.

Another benefit of writing long articles is that you can add more keywords that can help you improve the ranking of your content.

2. Produce quality content

Regardless of the topic you choose, you should focus on quality to stand out.

Remember that Medium is a very popular platform and all topics receive input from many experienced writers. Without focusing on quality, you can’t expect to compete against them.

When creating a Medium article, read it correctly and check that it is readable. Do you have short paragraphs? Do the sentences have the right punctuation? Is the overall tone consistent? Asking these questions will make your Medium articles readable and interesting.

It is also important to be consistent. So consider posting at least one story each week.

3. Get your work in front of the average members

Like any other social media platform, Medium seeks to collaborate and bring together like-minded members. That’s why you should focus on connecting with Medium readers.

Follow and interact with other writers who produce content on similar topics. This way, you can draw attention to your content.

4. Pay attention to your headlines

If you’re wondering how to make money in Medium, one of the first things to keep in mind is the importance of headlines.

Unless you have an attractive title, you can’t expect to attract people to your article.

5. Build credibility before going after Paywall

Although your goal is to make more money with your articles, you can’t go behind the Medium pay wall right away. Not until you have established your credibility. So consider posting some great articles as a new writer that will entice your readers to come back for more stories.

6. Create a strong profile

Medium users read not only articles, but also the stories behind each content. A well-structured profile tells the audience about you and what sets you apart from other young writers. You can include links to your own website or blogs and share why you enjoy writing. By adding useful information, you can turn the Medium publication into your writing portfolio. So make sure you spend enough time creating your profile on the site.

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