Little-known trick means you can TRIPLE the value of your supermarket loyalty points

A LITTLE KNOWN trick means that you can TRIP the value of your grocery loyalty points the next time you’re in a cart.

Rising inflation means that the price of everything on store shelves is rising, so every bit really helps in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.


Instead of spending your vouchers on groceries, you can exchange them for 3 times moreCredit: AFP

The average family is thought to pay about £ 271 more a year on their food bill.

One way to reduce a considerable amount of your bill is to take advantage of the supermarket giants and join the “club” by signing up for a reward scheme.

The best way to make a bargain at Tesco, for example, is to equip yourself with a Clubcard.

It’s free to get one and you can have a virtual version or a physical card if you prefer; just sign up online and you can start collecting discounts right away.

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Clubcard’s exclusive prices line up the shelves along with the normal total price of the items, but only those enrolled in the program will pay the cheapest cost of the tag.

For example, a bag of Bassetts Jelly Babies is usually £ 1.50, although it only costs £ 1 for Clubcard holders, which will save you over 30%.

But you also earn points when you add things to your cart.

You get one point for every £ 1 spent in-store and online, and one for every £ 2 spent on fuel.

So a point is worth 1 p. at a future Tesco store, so you can earn discount vouchers after accumulating enough.

But Tesco buyers can make MORE profits by using the points in a slightly different way.

With certain reward partners, such as the Hungry Horse pub or Cineworld, Tesco shoppers can claim THREE times as much.

This means that every 50p you have in vouchers becomes £ 1.50.

Instead of using vouchers at your next weekly store, you can use them, where they are most valuable, for eating out or for fun, as subscription services.

You can even charge them for home purchases, such as cell phone contracts or breakdown coverage, and more.

On Pizza Express, for example, you can use your points to discount your meal.

If you could earn a little over 300 Tesco Clubcard points, giving you just over £ 3 in vouchers, you could end up with almost £ 10 off your dinner out.

To claim, simply exchange your Tesco points (you can do this online or in your app) and they will be automatically tripled by the reward partner you have chosen.

Then, when you’re at the restaurant, all you have to do is show your new voucher code to the staff so they can give you the money.

The same goes for any of the rewards you can redeem: Tesco is associated with RAC, Disney +, and its own Tesco Mobile, to name a few, where you can use triple points in the same way.

A buyer gets £ 60 rewards with just £ 20 Tesco Clubcard points.

How else can I reduce my grocery expenses?

If you’re not using loyalty points to directly shave your invoice money with your purchase, you may need to use other methods to keep costs low.

Yellow stickers

When food is close to its expiration date, supermarkets often reduce prices to change stocks, and these discounted products often carry yellow stickers.

Sometimes you can get up to 75% off, a great savings in your weekly store.

The food is still good to eat and you can even freeze it to last EVEN.

Food waste applications

Similarly, picking up your food scraps from food waste apps can help you save money.

Families can waste hundreds of pounds a year throwing away food that is out of date.

Apps like Too Good To Go or Oil mean you can buy food and goodies at stores like Morrisons, Greggs and Pret at a great discount.

Lean down

Supermarkets tend to put more expensive brands at eye level, so one way to cut costs is to crouch down.

All pieces of the budget are on the bottom shelf where they are least visible and are likely to go unnoticed.


A loyalty scheme can trick you into ALWAYS shopping at a store.

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But if prices are cheaper elsewhere, you may not be able to save even with your own discounts applied.

Buy now as you can find a better deal from a rival.

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