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In recent years the practice of marketing and advertising has gone through different types of platforms. In the digital age, digital marketing and advertising media are practiced with different technologies and platforms. Live streaming is one of the technologies you can use to help you market your business to a large number of people. There are several offers online with live streaming courses for your business or as a business opportunity.

Popular live streaming courses

Here are some of the most popular live streaming courses to help your business interact with your audience.

LIVE Streaming Pro: Final course: from beginner to professional

LIVE Streaming Pro: Final course: from beginner to professional contains lessons on all aspects of live streaming, including its technicality and the different gadgets and platforms to choose from. You’ll learn how to record high-quality audio and video, mix your video and audio, choose a real-time streaming platform, and avoid common pitfalls like buffering and syncing videos.

Live streaming to YouTube: tips and tricks for success

Starting with the basics and setting up an account, the live streaming to YouTube Tips and Tricks for Success shows you how to stream live on YouTube. The course covers another YouTube project, troubleshooting live YouTube, the pros and cons of different streaming programs. Also, analyze the different YouTube live offers.

Live Streaming Master Class: Start live streaming like a pro

Live Streaming Master Class: Start Live Streaming as a Professional teaches you how to reach thousands of people around the world via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In addition to live streaming and live video social networking to lead and convert customers, you’ll also learn Twitch streaming, IPTV strategies, and OBS study.

Private live broadcast and virtual ticket sales

This case study Live private broadcasting and virtual ticketing teaches you how to monetize your live streaming event by selling virtual tickets. You’ll explore virtual ticketing platforms, event planning for virtual ticketing, ticket prices, four levels of live streaming events, using a private content delivery network, and more.

OBS Studio Master Course: The Complete Guide to Streaming

This OBS Studio Master Course: The Complete Guide to Live Streaming is designed for students of all levels. The masterclass covers everything you need to know about OBS Studio. This course includes setting up profiles and collections of scenes, overlay aesthetics, encoder settings, video recording, using microphone filters, font transformation, and more.

Live broadcast as a boss for home entrepreneurs

Live Stream Like a Boss for Home-Based Entrepreneurs explains ways to set up a low-cost studio with the best possible video, audio, and lighting in your home workspace. You’ll learn how to create professional video content, free OBS software, Google slide shows, differentiate between live recording and streaming, and recommended strategies.

Facebook Live: Attracts more than 100,000 fans of the pages with Viral Streams

In this Facebook Live course: Attract more than 100,000 fans of Viral Streams pages, you’ll learn how to create live Facebook posts, including case studies of FB pages that created live Facebook posts. It also includes the most relevant strategies, publishing your posts for free, and sharing your broadcast with large viewing groups.

Live Streaming – Full Course – Zoom Twitch OBS Skype

Starting with the benefits of live streaming: The full course covers the skills needed for Zoom, Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, Twitch, Mixer, Skype, Instagram, and TikTok meetings from your PC. The course includes the use of OBS to stream live to different platforms, live streaming via a mobile device, the use of DSLR as a webcam and more.

The complete guide to Twitch streaming

The complete Twitch broadcast guide contains all the lessons you need to become a Twitch broadcast expert. Some of the lessons are setting up accounts and software, gaming computers, streaming channel aesthetics, bots and streaming extensions, streaming best practices, Twitch communities, and marketing your broadcast.

Live Streaming Master Class: Increase your audience with live video

Live Broadcast Master Class: Enhance Your Live Video Audience addresses the need and relevance of live broadcasting and teaches you how to get the most out of live broadcasting. In this course, you will learn the types of equipment you need, which platform to choose, live broadcasts in 2022, starting your live broadcast, along with many other topics.

By the end of 2021, the live video streaming market is estimated at more than $ 70 billion, and is expected to reach $ 125 billion by 2025, according to All courses on this list are self-paced and include progress tests. They also provide a certificate of completion, a 30-day money back guarantee, and lifetime access to learning materials, including videos, both on TV and on mobile.

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