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A glamorous traffic controller revealed he earns more than $ 2,000 a week and urged Australians to consider taking a closer look at the role.

Tahera Raedd, who works as a lollipop woman directing traffic on construction sites in Sydney, offered a breakdown of her weekly earnings on TikTok.

“Your signal to be a traffic controller,” captioned the clip, which also reveals that it earned more than $ 2,000 during the week.

For 12 hours of work on a Monday, she says she earned $ 520.

A Sydney TikTok user (pictured) has revealed his impressive pay package for doing traffic control work

On Tuesday he earned $ 495 for a 10-hour shift and on Wednesday he earned $ 600 for a 13-hour shift.

A four-hour shift on Thursday earned him $ 300, while on Friday he earned $ 100 with a short 20-minute job.

In all, the girl claims she earned $ 2,015 for just under 40 hours of work during the week.

Many Australians were impressed with the large pay package and saw it as a signal to take a job in the traffic control industry.

“I’m a licensed plumber and I earn half,” one person said.

“I’m going to stop studying and do this,” another added.

‘How did we get into this?’ a third added.

The news (pictured) said she earned more than $ 2,000 in a week, but some commenters asked if that was before taxes.

The news (pictured) said she earned more than $ 2,000 in a week, but some commenters asked if that was before taxes.

But many pointed out that it was unclear whether that amount was before or after taxes.

“You should do a video update after taxes,” one person wrote.

While the work may seem ideal, others have also posted videos on TikTok pointing out the negative aspects of the work.

Maria Kafelas, 21, shared a clip in late 2021 in which she said the videos about being a lollipop lady posted on social media were misleading.

“I’ve been watching a lot of TikTok (videos) about traffic control, and they’re all positive,” he blurts out in his post.

‘I tell you how much they earn and how many hours they work.

“They’re giving people false hopes about traffic control … it has to be the most inconsistent job I’ve ever done in my life.”

Kefalas goes on to reveal speculation that women with lollipops repeatedly earn $ 2,000 a week working Monday through Friday as pure fantasy given that all traffic control workers in Australia are casually employed.

“A few weeks yes, I had five days off work, but then I was off for two weeks,” he told the Daily Mail Australia.

“On other occasions I received phone calls at 11pm asking me to be at work at 6am the next day or to drive two hours out of Melbourne with little time for a 12 hour shift.

“It’s not a stable income by any means.”

His advice for Australians considering a career in traffic control was to join a union.

“That’s where they have all the money: if it rains on you, they pay you and you’ll have a steady job,” he said.

“Otherwise, don’t.”

She went on to tell the Daily Mail Australia that there is also a dark side to the industry.

“On many occasions I have had the traditional ones yell at me for nasty comments,” Kefalas said.

“Saying what they wanted to do to me and how I was wearing my uniform … it also came from other people passing by.”

Numerous people online sympathized with Ms. Kefalas, whose shifts saw her standing for up to 12 hours straight.

One said “let’s not forget to stand at 40 degrees and almost have a heat stroke” as a significant inconvenience from work, while another pointed out “this girl said nothing but direct facts.”

Not everyone was ready to be sympathetic to Ms. Kefalas, and one said, “If you don’t like the rain, look for another job.”

Since then, Ms. Kefalas has gotten a full-time job in another industry.

Maria Kefalas said she was working on temperature tests as a lollipop lady was part of the job

Maria Kefalas said she was working on temperature tests as a lollipop lady was part of the job

Are traffic controllers well paid?

It’s tricky, but usually not as good as you’d think.

The nationwide premium rate for a traffic controller is $ 29.79 per hour, but can reach $ 120 per hour.

The wage rate is better for traffic controllers in union jobs, but that job is harder to find and scarce.

Traffic controllers with the CFMEU union in Victoria can earn up to $ 55.08 per hour.

The rate is $ 99.15 per hour if you work overtime.

On holidays, they earn up to $ 121.18 per hour.

Full-time traffic controller roles in Victoria are often advertised to earn between $ 50,000 and $ 70,000 a year.

According to, the average annual salary in NSW for a traffic controller is $ 76,249.

Across Australia, the most common salary advertised for traffic controllers is between $ 40,000 and $ 60,000.

Australian lollipop women answer the question EVERYONE wants to know about work and the huge downside of the show

Australian traffic controllers have taken to social media to answer questions about the job, including whether drivers are flirting with them.

Amelia Brady and Unity Adams have confirmed that drivers “run over” them while trying to do their jobs on the road.

“All the time,” Brady confirmed in a video shot in his car while working in Perth.

Amelia Brady (pictured above) and Unity Adams confirmed on separate TikToks as part of viral craze

Amelia Brady (pictured above) and Unity Adams have confirmed on separate TikToks as part of the “Questions They Ask Me” viral craze that yes, they are hit while trying to do their job on the road.

Meanwhile, Ms Adams, who is also an online nursing student and bikini model, says she is “run over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” while working in traffic control.

She answered questions about working in a video titled “What it’s like to work as a traffic controller – female edition.”

Ms. Adams outlined the realities of the job, which included receiving a cat call every 20 minutes, having angry men yelling at her to get off the road, and being forced to listen to traditional ones constantly talking about other women.

She says that while her male colleagues didn’t hit her, members of the audience did.

“This video is not about male colleagues or anyone I work with. It’s about passing public pedestrians.”

Traffic controllers have taken TikTok in recent months, sometimes bragging about their salary – which can be as high as $ 2,000 a week in some cases – and others complaining about boring jobs exposed to hot and cold weather.

When another woman asked about the salary, Taylor said, “It only pays well if you’re working long hours.”

Another Australian traffic controller, Paris Taylor (pictured above), had a different verdict on the work in her TikTok video

Another Australian traffic controller, Paris Taylor (pictured above), had a different verdict on the work in her TikTok video

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