Marketing Worldwide Corp (OTCMKTS: MWWC) Big Move Up as Co Says Share Buy Back on Twitter as Minosis Token Goes Live Globally and $MNS is Heavily Traded

Marketing Worldwide Corp (OTCMKTS: MWWC) is making an explosive move in recent days on the charts, rising 85% on Friday with a volume of $ 800,000. In a day when the DOW lost 880 points and many large-cap companies lost billions in market valuation, MWWC shareholders considered bandits as Token Minosis $ MNS went into operation, and although it did not see a significant amount of price action, the $ MNS token traded heavily with hundreds of thousands of dollars changing hands on its first day and the telegram group is growing rapidly with almost 5,000 members. Earlier this year, MWWC announced the official launch of its highly anticipated cryptographic mining platform. The cryptographic mining platform was built on CEO Jason Schlenk’s clever idea of ​​bringing Crypto Mining to the masses and it’s a really great idea. Last year, when he took control of the Company and we wrote about it, he said, “There is a clear gap between people who know how to mine cryptocurrencies and those who don’t. If you asked anyone if they were interested in making a passive income, So why is there only a select group of people who are seizing the best possible opportunity of this generation?

Jason Schlenk has achieved a lot since he took over the company. Long before the Company launched its BEP20 $ MNS token and the cryptographic mining platform, Mr. Schlink ordered the Company’s files and took it to the “pink current” at OTCMarkets. He also relocated the Delaware Company to Wyoming and went on to work on the share structure by removing 1.75 billion restricted shares from outstanding common shares and moving the authorized shares from $ 10.9 billion to $ 4.5 billion. The stock is currently trading at a market valuation of $ 9 million, leaving plenty of room for growth. There’s been a lot of noise since the Company tweeted on MINOSIS’s Twitter account: “The stock repurchase portfolio is filling up 👀!” with the rumor that the management will use the profits of MINOSIS Token COIN to buy MWWC shares. In fact, the Minosis $ MNS token is very active and has many buyers and sellers now trading it 24 hours a day.

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Marketing Worldwide Corp (OTCMKTS: MWWC) focuses on building disruptive technologies that change the world. In essence, Marketing Worldwide Corporation is an incubator of acquisitions, purchasing companies and patents built by passionate visionaries. Since new CEO Schlenk took over the company, MWWC has launched a cryptographic mining platform with its own BEP20 $ MNS token. Cryptographic mining platform was built on CEO Jason Schlenk’s clever idea of ​​bringing Crypto Mining to the masses and making cryptographic mining as simple as a few clicks.

Earlier this year MWWC announced the official release of its highly anticipated cryptographic mining platform. The company’s #Minosis agent has completed key software upgrades to facilitate an easy-to-use feature that allows users to get mining with unprecedented speed and convenience, creating significant production opportunities. MWWC has launched a campaign through web-based commercial publications and forums and ‘PPC’ (pay-per-click) platforms targeting millions of #cryptocurrency enthusiasts; with the expectation of adding up to 250,000 users to the platform before the end of the year.

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Currently, the Minosis platform is generating approximately $ 0.12 per day / per user in transaction fees (net earnings after expenses) for ‘MWWC’; which does not include accelerated hash rates or commercial equipment enhancers that are expected to be added throughout the year.

Marketing Worldwide is actively negotiating with several server farms that offer hash rental as a service that can be offered “for a minimal fee” to Minosis users. A rapid expansion of hash rental will attract new customers to the platform creating a higher ROI option. The company expects to triple its current hash availability by the end of May 2022.

In April, MWWC released the version 5 update #Minosis; which includes the addition of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) to the mining pool. Marketing Worldwide has continued to update and develop the Minosis mining platform over the past 7 months, adding new features, #cryptocurrency and advancing control settings so that the average user can extract cryptography easily and conveniently. Bitcoin Gold ‘BTG’ is now a removable currency on the #Minosis platform. The company has developed and is implementing an aggressive marketing campaign to expand its user base. Although paid marketing is targeted, the company is seeing a substantial growth in users. The company plans to continue adding new currencies to the Minosis platform on a regular basis to keep it fresh for its growing user base.

The company has hired Luna Public Relations and Marketing to build the community around the upcoming launch of the #MiNOSiS token. Nikita Sachdev founded Luna PR in 2017, which quickly became an award-winning consulting, marketing and public relations agency. It is a complete digital marketing company with dozens of customers worldwide. With the use of its highly skilled equipment, Luna PR helps established and future blockchain and cryptographic chain projects reach their full potential.

CEO Jason Schlenk stated when he took over the Company and went into cryptography: “There’s a clear gap between people who know how to mine cryptocurrencies and those who don’t. So why is there only one select group of people who are taking the best possible opportunity of this generation? Through our research process, we have identified that in each demographic group there are several levels of users who have different skills and financial motivations. We can divide these groups into three simple categories: ‘Casual Liability’, ‘Intermediate Users’, ‘Advanced Miners.’ As a pool taxpayer or hash rate provider, to meet this overwhelming demand for a streamlined platform, the company has adapted uniquely functional and user experience (UX). With easy-to-understand on-screen instructions and in-module access to frequently asked questions, Marketing Worldwide has also ensured that the registration process is fast and straightforward as per the demand of our prospective user. “We have created the automated platform wizard named ” Agent “. This feature will securely scan your system, install the application, and define your mining capabilities.

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It currently trades at a market valuation MWWC of $ 9,435,154 it has 3,628,905,549 shares outstanding, of which 1,050,215,057 are restricted, leaving 2,578,690,492 free trading shares and a floating total of 1,978,690,492 MWWC shares worth $ 5.1 million. The company has a small debt of $ 542,296 in total liabilities, of which $ 416,000 is accounts payable. MWWC is an exciting story that unfolds in small capital letters; the new $ MNS BEP20 token has just been launched worldwide and is very active trading hundreds of thousands of dollars and there are already about 5,000 telegram members. Earlier this year, the company launched the cryptographic mining platform, based on the smart idea of ​​new CEO Jason Schlenk to bring crypto mining to the masses. MWWC recently reversed lows and the $ 0.0007 appearance significantly oversold with a valuation of less than $ 10 million and recent highs above $ 0.02. We will update the MWWC when more details come out, so make sure you subscribe to Microcapdaily.

Disclosure: We do not hold any position in MWWC either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article

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