NOW Token – The Utility Token of Huge Crypto Possibilities

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Over the last two years, the world of cryptography has grown enormously and there are now countless services and tokens available. These services offer their own advantages and can help you have the best trading experience.

A relatively new token is gaining strength in the market despite its relative novelty. Many believe it is superior to other digital assets in many ways. It is NOW Tokena native digital asset issued by the cryptographic exchange platform ChangeNOW in 2018.

A critical component of the NOW ecosystem

As a starting point, let’s look at NOW Token more generally. NOW token is part of the NOW product family under the umbrella of the known Change NOW cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Nearly 400 cryptocurrencies can be exchanged on ChangeNOW in no time. An average transaction takes 5 minutes to process and there is no doubt about the reliability and security of the service. Other NOW Token related products include:

  • NOW Wallet
  • Lightning NOW
  • NOWNodes
  • NOW Payments
  • NOWTracker

The official supply of NOW Token is 199,763,509.9. According to the NOW Token White Paper, quarterly burns occur for NOW Token until the total supply of NOW Token ERC-20 and BEP-2 reaches 100 million. In total, there are 99,839,014.17 ERC-20 NOW tokens and 99,839,014.17 BEP-2 NOW tokens.

The team behind NOW Token has extensive cryptocurrency experience, so the acquisition plan for key team members accounts for 14% of the total offering. Chips are released in chunks over time.

A total of 20% of the coins were issued after the launch of NOW Token. A further 20% is released after the first year, and again after the second, third and fourth years.

NOW Token stake and utility

There are many benefits to betting NOW Tokens. The biggest advantage is their progressive reward. This means that the longer you keep your bet, the greater the rewards. NOW Tokens holders can bet up to 100,000 NOW Tokens at a time, and the upper limit ensures a fair and equitable distribution of wealth. With the NOW Token bet, you can earn up to 25% per year.

The ChangeNOW system records the volume of NOW tabs bet every Wednesday at noon UTC. After that, the rewards are calculated automatically and transferred within 48 hours. With its very own platform reward calculatoryou can calculate the approximate rewards you are likely to get.

ChangeNOW continuously updates the area of ​​use of NOW Tokens.

NOW Token allocation

NOW Tokens are assigned by the same method in both Ethereum and Binance chains. Thirty percent (60,000,000) goes to affiliate partners and exchanges users through gradual airdrops. Meanwhile, 14% (28,000,000) goes to the founding team bonuses.

Twenty-four million, or 12%, are distributed for each of the following purposes:

  • Marketing needs reserve fund
  • Development needs reserve fund
  • Evangelists and counselors

These three sectors receive 12% each. Taken as a whole, it is 36%, or 72,000,000 NOW Tokens. The remaining 10%, or 10,000,000, is distributed to the Risk Prevention Reserve Fund, and another 10% is available for purchase.

On August 26, 2019, NOW tokens were distributed to NOW users as part of a gradual release. NOW affiliate partners paid for their tokens through a gradual airdrop on December 9, 2018.

Buy and sell tokens NOW

ChangeNOW allows unlimited transactions of NOW Token, the native token exchange, so it’s easy and efficient to change. Using ChangeNOW does not require you to create an account, as it is a decentralized, custodial platform.

The process of buying and selling NOW Token is fairly straightforward and straightforward. It was priced at $ 0.1029 with a market capitalization of $ 8,675,089 at the time of writing.

To buy NOW Tokens on the ChangeNOW platform, you can use one of the nearly 400 supported cryptocurrencies. In addition, you have the option of using about 60 fiat currencies. ChangeNOW accepts MasterCard and Visa for payment.

The first step in the process is to choose NOW Token as the “You Get” currency. Then decide if you want to shop with crypto or fiat and select your preferred option. Enter your wallet address and send your deposit to a unique address.

ChangeNOW processing time is typically five minutes, and you will receive your NOW tokens after the transaction is complete.

Here’s a simple way to sell NOW Tokens. The first step would be to choose NOW Token as your “You send” currency. Then choose the asset you want to receive for the tokens you are selling. Enter your wallet address and send your deposit to a unique address. Likewise, the exchanged coins are sent to you after a processing time of about five minutes.

Thanks to the advanced security measures of ChangeNOW, you can always be sure that the process of selling or buying NOW Tokens will be smooth and uninterrupted by third parties.

Why use NOW Token?

A ChangeNOW team is constantly working to provide the best services to their customers, and NOW Token is no exception.

You can take advantage of special offers for many of ChangeNOW’s products and services using NOW Token within your ecosystem.

You will always receive expedited support with NOW tokens. In addition, you can participate in giveaways and win prizes. In addition, NOW Token users receive cashback on NOW and can bet on up to 25% of annual revenue.

Using NOW Tokens, you can access unlimited opportunities in the ChangeNOW ecosystem. These benefits include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Numerous reputable partners
  • Best rates
  • Standard and fixed flows available

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