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Anyone looking to generate secondary income can earn extra money by participating in paid online survey sites. Some of them are even reputable. Paid online survey sites are quite simple: participants answer a few questions or do some online tasks and earn money in return for their time.

But is money easy? Unfortunately not. However, some paid online survey sites may be worthwhile if you follow a few rules:

  1. Never pay to use an online survey site. You are the one who is supposed to pay. If you have to spend money to join these sites, you are probably being scammed. Buying at a retailer through these sites is obviously fine; in those cases, you are buying products.
  2. It does not depend on the revenue of the survey sites. There are better side shows. These paid online survey sites work best if you have fun trying to get good deals and make extra money, and if you don’t mind spending a few minutes filling out a survey, they’ll only tell you that you don’t qualify because you fall into the wrong demographic.
  3. Be realistic about investing time. Filling out a survey looks like it will only take a few minutes. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes surveys can take up to 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Don’t expect to be paid quickly. Sometimes it can take days or weeks before you earn enough points or money to collect.
  5. Don’t spend too much time on survey sites. If you’re having fun making some extra money, great. If you feel like working, you should try to find a job that pays well.

With these warnings in mind, here are some of the best paid online survey sites that can help you create additional revenue.

Brand surveys

You can register or join via Facebook. Create a profile and answer some questions about your life. The more personal information you share, the more the company knows about you (you really shouldn’t use any of these sites unless you agree that companies know a few things about you). Thus, you can offer surveys tailored to your interests or lifestyle.

Earn points by surveying Branded Surveys market research clients, which are being conducted for Fortune 500 companies, and the points are redeemed for cash.

The average payout is up to (note the “up”) 300 points per survey, and you can withdraw once you reach 500 points, which equates to $ 5. According to BrandedSurveys, 100 points equals $ 1. You can pay via PayPal or gift cards or receive money in a PayPal or Branded Pay account.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is everywhere, even in the field of paid online survey sites. You’ll download an app and answer a few questions about yourself, and then, based on that information, you’ll receive surveys “once a week, though it may be more or less frequent,” according to the Google Opinions Rewards website.

These surveys are usually short and may be completed in less than a minute. You’ll receive a notification on your phone when a survey is ready, and for offering your feedback, you’ll receive “up to” $ 1 in Google Play credit or Paypal credit.

Harris Survey online

This is a respected company that has been around for decades, and if you sign up to fill out their surveys, you will receive email invitations to surveys. If you qualify for them, depending on your age, gender, and occupation, you can participate. You get what’s called HIpoints when you fill out these surveys, which you can eventually swap for gift cards for places like Starbucks or Amazon. You can also donate your points to charities.

By surveying and watching videos, you will receive points, which you can exchange for cash. However, you can’t withdraw money until you earn $ 30, so if you don’t like doing surveys, it can be a little difficult to wait until you reach $ 30. Meanwhile, payments are processed every Wednesday, so if it reaches $ 30 on a Thursday, it can take about a week to receive payment. However, there is a $ 5 welcome bonus to help you get started.

Life points

Each time you complete a survey, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for things like electronic gift cards for Amazon and Starbucks, and PayPal credit. Most surveys can be completed in as little as 10 minutes or less.

You won’t get rich doing this, but if you do a survey here or there, and you think the process is painless, it might work well.

This is also a popular website. You will earn gift cards for answering surveys, watching videos, doing surveys, and other activities, such as shopping. There is also a $ 10 welcome bonus.

But keep in mind that you’re actually getting 1,750 points worth $ 10. Also, to get those points, you have to spend $ 20 or more on the site, excluding taxes and shipping, in a merchant through the website or through MyPoints emails in the first 30 days of membership. Still, if you’re buying something you’re going to buy anyway, that’s not a bad welcome offer.

An opinion

After signing up for OneOpinion, you will have the opportunity to take a survey. You will get points for completing surveys, such as 500 or 1,000 points, but keep in mind that 1,000 points are worth $ 1 (and so if you earn 500 points, you get 50 cents). Once you reach 25,000 points and earn $ 25, you can collect those points through Amazon or PayPal.

Register on the site and conduct surveys. You get points for every survey you take (usually you can expect to earn 10 cents per point). As with all of these sites, you won’t make much money (maybe a dollar an hour or a little more if you try), but you can trade in what you earn for useful things like virtual gift cards.

Advanced Opinion

After registering on the site, you earn points for every survey you conduct (in general, you can expect to earn 10 cents per point). You can exchange points for things like Amazon gift card claim codes and cash.

Survey Junkie

Do surveys, collect points, and earn money. On the website’s frequently asked questions, it says, “You will NOT get rich by doing surveys.” But if you’re 16 or older and live in the United States, Canada, or Australia, you can take surveys and earn points. Each point is worth a penny. Once you get 500 points (which would be $ 10; 100 points equals $ 1), you may be able to withdraw money, although the website says it depends on factors such as the country in which you live.

Survey Junkie says you can earn up to $ 45 per survey. Just remember to focus on the “even”, which means that the best polls will get you $ 45. You may find that many surveys pay much less. As Survey Junkie says, you won’t get rich doing this.

This is one of the best known websites. Take surveys and earn Swagbucks points. Earn enough and you can exchange them for cash or gift cards. The Swagbucks website says that while some offers pay between $ 50 and $ 250, most Swagbucks members should be able to earn between $ 1 and $ 5 a day or $ 365 to $ 1,825 a year.

It’s one of those websites that won’t make you rich at all – a Swagbuck is worth a penny. None of these websites will make you rich. Still, if you want to answer surveys, watch videos, and just make tools on the site to see what points you can get and what free coupons and samples you need, you might find it worthwhile and even fun.

Toluna Influencers

You can access Toluna Influencers surveys on their website or email them. If you meet the requirements for a survey, it will probably take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You will get points (between 15 and 50,000) and you will have a control panel that you can use to see how many points you are accumulating.

Some users have suggested that you will probably earn less than a dollar an hour, so like many of these sites, it can be interesting and fun rather than a great way to make money.

Valued Opinions

You will be asked to complete an online survey, or perhaps do a daily study (where you keep track of your habits and behaviors) or even test products at home. For your problem, you will receive “up to” $ 7 per survey in the form of credit that you can exchange for gift cards to places like Amazon, Macy’s, and Target.

Once you earn $ 10, you can redeem your credits.

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