Sitting At The Center Of Crypto And Fashion, FTX Helped Raise Over $133,000 At AmfAR Cannes Gala

FTX is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms that combines fashion, luxury and cryptocurrency. Last night, just twenty minutes from the Cannes Film Festival, film stars and influencers gathered at the amfAR Gala to raise money for AIDS research. FTX was a major sponsor and official cryptocurrency partner of the renowned philanthropic event. And due to its success in the sports world, FTX has ventured into the fashion space and is proving to be fine.

“We have the same values ​​in amfAR so it was obvious to be here. AIDS is still a very important cause; many people are still dealing with it. From the point of view of luxury and fashion, you have the epicenter of it all. converged, ”says Lauren Remington Platt, head of global fashion and luxury associations at FTX.

The gala included extravagant fashion. Model and actress Milla Jovovich wore a spectacular voluminous light blue dress and actress Eva Longoria wore a black dress slit to the thigh with revealing shoulders. Cynthia Erivo, Gala Chair, wore a dress with a deep black V-neck bodice and a flowing peach skirt. Remington Platt wore a flowing green dress with sleek shoulders. Tom Hanks, Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Alton Mason, Law Roach and Robert De Niro were all present. De Niro won an honorary prize and auctioned a work of art from his father that sold for more than $ 535,000.

“I think it’s always a special night and the work that amfAR has been doing for decades is important and very necessary. I am honored to sit in this room, ”shared Law Roach. The renowned fashion stylist shared that she will use her platform to draw attention to the disease and to continue the work that amfAR is doing.

For Remington Platt and FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, it was obvious to be part of the night. “A cure for AIDS is yet to be discovered and the impact of this disease is enormous. Approximately 4,100 people worldwide are becoming infected with HIV every day, and although treatments are available in Western countries, impoverished regions have difficulty access to the same resources, ”explains Bankman-Fried.

“My passion is to bring crypto to a wider demographic of consumers, especially women. When you look at cryptography, if you look at race, ethnicity, religion and region in all areas, it’s pretty even. But demographic inequality is obvious. “It’s women. Only 7% of women invest in crypto and think about those implications from a social perspective that affect opportunities and responsibilities,” Remington Platt continues.

Last month in the Bahamas, FTX held its first luxury fashion printing campaign launched at the Salt Crypto Bahamas Conference. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, her head of environmental and social initiatives, Bankman-Fried, and Remington Platt talked about how crypto and philanthropy can be crossed.

The campaign was shot by Bündchen photographer Nino Muñoz. The model has partnered with FTX in its commitment to donate up to $ 1 billion to philanthropic causes through the FTX Foundation. Projects will include making the world a better place with the goal of reducing global poverty, saving lives and preventing animal suffering. “Participating in this campaign with Sam was an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of companies committing to making the world a better place. It’s exciting and moving to see FTX work to drive real transformation in society. I want to keep working and helping to draw attention to the importance of giving back so that everyone can do their part to create a positive change for the better, ”Bündchen said.

From the Bahamas, Remington Platt headed to New York to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit to wear the FTX necklace that was auctioned at the amfAR gala last night. With 18-karat white gold and 12-carat palladium alloy with blue diamonds, the blue diamonds radiate to highlight the iconic FTX logo. Offers for the necklace and its accompanying NFT could be made in crypto and fiat. The necklace was sold for $ 133,827 and the sale went to the fight to end AIDS through amfAR research.

Having low trading rates makes FTX attractive to investors. And FTX continues to advocate for the causes that link fashion, luxury, and cryptography, trying to bring more women into space.

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