Top 7 Ice Hockey Themed Slots

Finding a sport you enjoy in action in 2020 has not been easy. If you can’t incorporate your passion for the game Online casinos with real moneythat doesn’t mean you lose interest in it.

Ice hockey is a popular sport, and real money online casinos are just as popular, and many fans love to play disc hockey. Several casino game publishers have released hockey-themed games around the world.

1. Hockey League by Pragmatic Play

Its simple and easy-to-understand game makes it an attractive choice for novice and experienced gamers. In the case of NHL hockey fans who are preparing to go online, we highly recommend choosing the first-class online submission program. Pragmatic Play is a high quality provider in the gaming industry. This company offers its customers a wide product portfolio, with 15 payment lines. One of the most unique aspects of games is the ability to manage, innovate and adapt. Similarly, these features are common throughout the famous league. So this is an exciting betting experience.

2. Escape

Breakaway is an ice hockey game with an interesting theme. This is the message of hockey for you and it helps you get the best stick players in the history of a very large country. Okay, so this will never happen, but can dreaming be really fun? The game offers five reels and 243 amazing paylines. Yes, you’re right, there are 243 paylines, so you’re likely to have a good chance of winning. You get the same paycheck, but this will be easier for beginners. The feature has been carefully designed to be easy to use. You can feel comfortable with these video slot machines and play instantly from the start.

3. Jagr’s Inspired Gaming Super Slot

This is a classic NHL-themed slot that includes legend Jaromir Jagr. The first segment gives players the opportunity to choose an additional game feature: the lover adds multiplier wildcards six or eight times in each turn while the fighter has Power Play for additional turns or multipliers. In addition, the remaining features remain the same as in other features, such as betting options. The game also features attractive bonuses, which means that stronger banks can activate reel modifiers but for an even larger amount. If you need more money to bet, you can wait for 3 or more scatters to give you a free prize.

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4. Wild field hockey league game by pragmatic game

It has five reels and nine paylines. Here, the reels reside on television and the slot has an impressive visual and animation style. The symbol is bright on a dark blue background. The low symbols are, as in slot machines, represented by Jack (J), Queen (Q), Kings and Aces (A). Premium logos representing hockey players and referees. 5 judges can win 200 to 1000 bets. The league cup serves as a wildcard, replaces all of the symbols listed above, and helps create additional winnings. A wild card could be worth up to 55,000 times the bet.

5. Real Time Gaming Hockey Hero

The most popular themed hockey slot is the Progressive Jackpot which is played on the standard 15 lines. The rules of this game require that you match at least three lines to win a payout. It is an online casino that everyone loves, even hockers, due to the huge prize pool. Spins offer the opportunity to turn an ordinary player into a millionaire overnight making the game quite different from the one from Push Games. If you like the idea, read the reviews and play online at RTG Casino for real and free money.

6. Playtech Ice Hockey

The games have a hockey theme and there are two teams on the paytable competing. The ice skating slot has five reels, three rows and 15 paylines and is very unusual in being able to create winning combinations. The real life team can pick up two of these teams if they start spinning. The first teammates create the winners of the first team. Letters and numbers are paid for in different ways. Its dual nature treats it as a better paid emblem.

7. Push Gaming Grass Hockey Hero

Field hockey is the most played India in Europe; therefore, it was widely played in many of these regions. The Push Gaming Hero slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines. In addition to a basic game, it offers great additional features. In some cases, three scatter symbols are possible on a payline, and in this case, players can enjoy several free spins and an infinite multiplier. A bonus can be obtained using the hold-and-spin function. Grass hockey heroes take over a vast ice rink.

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