Top Highest Paying GPT Sites

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Many of us want to have an extra income to meet the luxurious needs, but the complex is that we do not know how to do it and if we do, we are confused about which website will be safe for it.

GPT sites are a great way to fulfill your desire to make a lot of money online by completing the tasks assigned to you. GPT stands for Get-Paid-To; users do different tasks to make money.

The article focuses on the major GPT sites and information about them to help users stay safe and not allow any fraudulent site activity. Content will certainly help you complete several small tasks and earn good money in return.

Best GPT sites

In the financial markets, there are some sites and applications that offer the possibility of making such short profits. Among the many websites available, we discuss the five highest paid GPT sites.

These have a good reputation in the market and work according to the guidelines for ethical transactions with great business histories. So, let’s look at these GPT sites:

1. FreeCash

FreeCash is a popular GPT site available online and is easily accessible in dozens of countries. It was founded in 2020 and, since its inception, has paid more than $ 11 million to its users.

It is a great option for users to make money by completing small tasks provided online and making money easily. In addition, it has more than 10 million users, and the tasks it offers are surveys, cash back offers, referrals, and so on.

Some of the ways to win at FreeCash are:

  • Playing games
  • Answering surveys
  • Online shopping
  • Completing daily surveys
  • References
  • Bonuses
  • Watching videos

Marketers can earn $ 1 to $ 5 per hour with this site and make a lot of money.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is the most popular GPT platform; as the name suggests, it’s basically about completing online surveys. There is no other job to do like other websites that offer a number of jobs to finish.

The online rewards platform was launched in 2013 based in Glendale, California. The website provides much needed information through your surveys and is a good choice for users looking to make money online.

In addition, it has a demographic survey upon registration that helps you relate the user to relevant studies and surveys.

Users can answer big and small questions with their initial earnings starting at $ 0.25, which gradually increase to a few dollars.

Although there are gift cards and PayPal, once a user earns $ 5, they have to earn a potential of $ 1 to $ 6 per hour, which is a great way to make money.

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox dollars was launched in 2000 and has been on the market for over 20 years. The popularity of the GPT website is high as it has millions of members and has paid over $ 56 million in gift cards and cash.

Users who want to make money can consider Inbox dollar as a great option. It has surveys, offers, read emails, and friend recommendation task types for users. However, surveys are a common way to earn Inbox dollars.

The categories are many and users can choose the one that fits. Some of the Inbox dollar tasks include:

  • Sign up for a free survey
  • Viewing advertising and non-advertising videos
  • Cash back on online purchases
  • Reading emails
  • Subscription to discounted meal delivery services

Inbox dollar users can earn $ 5 an hour, and if they spend time and work on tasks on a daily basis, they can earn more than $ 100 a month. The site pays by paper checks or gift cards.

Payments are available when the user earns a minimum of $ 30.

4. Rebel Award

PrizeRebel is the last GPT site to hit the market in 2007. The site has a good reputation in the market and has so far paid its members $ 8,000,000. This payment is made in cash and with gift cards, and users can easily earn money on the GPT site.

The site offers surveys, offers to complete, watch videos and many more to help users earn some money through small activities. Use points where 100 points equals $ 1.

Marketers can make a lot of money with surveys, as many earn 65 to 200 points in 10 to 15 minutes on the website. Site bids range from 20 points to 1000 points.

Free offers, however, range from 20 to 100 points. Users can have the following options to make money:

  • Coupon printing
  • Sign up for a free sample website
  • Installing the free refund application
  • Completing surveys

Users can earn $ 2 to $ 6 an hour on PizeRebel, and it’s a great way to make money in just a few hours.


MyPoints has a $ 10 sign-up bonus and is a versatile money-making website. Users can make money by completing surveys and other small tasks that are given on the website.

The unique feature of MyPoints is its online shopping portal. Users can earn refunds by shopping at various online merchants, some of which are:

  • Macy’s
  • Amazon
  • Best buy
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy
  • of Kohl

MyPoints users receive a $ 10 voucher on Amazon and a Visa gift card. But for that, users have to sign up and spend at least $ 25 in the first month. The site is available in the United States and Canada.

MyPoints is a great way to make money as users can earn between $ 1 and $ 20 or more in a few days. Although, this depends on the online money back purchase made.

GPT sites are very important for users who want to make money easily online. They can complete the work or tasks and guarantee a small amount that turns into a good amount of money in total.

The article mentioned the best GPT sites, which are reputable and have a high payment mechanism. However, revenue depends on the completion of the task and the interest of the users.

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